How To Catch Mud Minnows In A Minnow Trap (Best Baits & Spots)


Using a minnow trap is one of the easiest ways to catch mud minnows.

You can catch a lot in a short time, you don’t have to worry about throwing a cast net, and the trap itself is cheap and readily available in most stores.

In this video, you’ll learn exactly how to catch tons of mud minnows in a minnow trap, including:

  • What materials you’ll need
  • What bait to put in it if you want to catch dozens of mud minnows
  • And where to put your trap to catch them quickly

Check it out below!

How To Catch Mud Minnows [VIDEO]

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Here’s what you’ll need to catch mud minnows in a minnow trap:

  • Minnow trap (I used a Frabill trap)
  • Rope
  • Bait

Best Bait For Mud Minnows

As far as bait goes, mud minnows aren’t picky!

They don’t migrate, so they have no choice but to eat whatever is in their area.

I used blue crab in this video, but here are a few other options:

  • Shrimp
  • Fish carcasses
  • Dog or cat food
  • Vienna sausage
  • Bacon
  • Really, anything smelly!

Where To Put Your Minnow Trap

Mud minnows are called that name for a reason… they like mud!

You can find them on mud flats or in muddy creeks, as well as grass flats.

They’re really hardy and can be found from sandy coastal areas to brackish backwater areas.

In this video, I found a bridge over a muddy creek that I could see minnows in and dropped it down in there.

I waited for 20 minutes and had enough minnows for a full day of fishing!


redfish on mud minnows

Redfish, black drum, trout, and flounder all love eating mud minnows.

And to catch a full day’s worth of mud minnows, all you need to do is put a minnow trap baited with something smelly in a tidal creek, mud flat, or grass flat.

Have any questions about catching mud minnows?

Or have any other ways of catching them?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who wants to catch more mud minnows, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Stephen Rothman
7 months ago

Could you catch mud minnows in a mud bottom residential canal about 1 mile from a creek? The water is brackish and tidal. How does using these as bait compare to other baits like shrimp or white bait? Can you keep them alive in the trap overnight? Shrimp don’t survive overnight in my canal so you can’t go out before the bait shops open in the morning if you want to use live shrimp. Are there likely to be other fish mixed in that are juveniles of species that you are not supposed to keep? What’s the easiest identifier of the mud minnows?

Jeffrey Wilson
7 months ago

Great job Austin! I love the on location video and the camera inside the trap was awesome. After my 2021 artificials only challenge I’m going to try this

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Wilson

Thank you, Jeff!! I really appreciate that man!! I love that your doing artificial only its going to make you much much better with artificial!!

Bill Russell
7 months ago

Hello really enjoyed the video on mud minnows. As an inside member i would like to ask if you could give me any locations to catch the minnows in the Sebastian, Florida area. Thank you bill

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Bill Russell

Thank you Bill, I really appreciate that!! id be glad to help! The first location I noticed is at Dale Wimbrow Park Boat Ramp. On the opposite side of the peninsula from the boat ramp looks like an ideal area to look for them!! Another location is Sebastian inlet state park, if you can access any of those lakes on the east side of coconut point there is a good chance there will be some in there, especially if you can access any of the culverts or areas where the water runs underneath the dirt road, like the one you will see if your entering the dirt road from A1A heading towards coconut point! There is another location just like this off the side of Birds Impoundment trail right by Melba island. I hope this helps Bill!!

7 months ago

Are mud minnows in flats (gulf harbors,fl) I have pinfish traps that work great..?? Tks

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  GARY YODER

Thanks for the comment Gary!! Absolutely Mud Minnows should be in your area!! I took a look at google earth and found an area that may hold them and could be worth checking out!! Right off the side of green key rd there is a small overpass (doesnt look like an overpass) with a culvert running underneath the road. On the north side of the overpass where the culvert drains there is a deeper hole, and it looks to be a perfect place to look for Mud Minnows!! Ive never used a pinfish trap for them but it could work, you just want to make sure that the entry hole isn’t too big because you will lose a lot of minnows if they can swim out easily!

7 months ago
Reply to  Austin Moon

I’m at 6215 bayside dr new port Richey..I’ll get trap like u used..but was saying i love pinfish trap as always have them in live well! Thank you excited to learn new stuff!! Salt strong the best

7 months ago

I have used minnow traps many times and, from experience, if u take the claws of the crab, u will catch a lot more minnows.

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Kenny

Thanks for the tip Kenny ill have to do that from now on!! I never thought about that but it makes a lot of sense!!

Kevin Turner
7 months ago

What do you do with them after you catch them? I’ve never fished with live bait, and don’t have a live well. Will they survive for a while in a bucket with water?

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Kevin Turner

Thanks for the comment, Kevin!! Mud Minnows can be an awesome bait, Ill post some links below on how to use Mud Minnows as bait. Mud Minnows are really tough and will outlive most live baits. They will probably stay alive for a good while in a bucket, but I would recommend to get a small bubbler for the bucket just to be safe and make sure they live as long as possible!

7 months ago

Nice video

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Pablo

Thank you Pablo, I really appreciate you taking the time to make this nice comment!

C. Lance Weaver
7 months ago

Well Done Austin!

Austin Moon
7 months ago

Thank you Lance!! I really appreciate the kind comment!!

Dave Frymier
7 months ago

I often catch small crabs (about the size of the opening) as well as the killifish. These crabs are great for everything from reds to sheepshead.

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Dave Frymier

Thanks for the comment Dave!! That would be excellent bait!! I love it when I catch more than just minnows to give me some options!!

Art Heiter
7 months ago

Excellent presentation Austin… Nice work!

Austin Moon
7 months ago
Reply to  Art Heiter

Thanks so much Art!! I really appreciate that!!


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