Catching Live Bait

What’s The Best Cast Net For Baitfish In Shallow Water?

What's the best cast net for baitfish in shallow water? In this video, we'll talk about the best size cast nets for small baitfish...
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How To Throw A Cast Net For Live Bait (Beginner Lesson)

Have you ever thrown a cast net for live bait before?? What's the best method for beginners? Going out to find and use your own live bait...
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How To Find And Cast Net Your Own Shrimp

This is how you can find and cast net your own shrimp. Sure, it's easier to go to a live bait shop and pick up shrimp. But...
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Hot Pompano Bite With Bama Beach Bum (Insane Drone Footage)

INSANE Drone Footage of a HOT Pompano Bite!!! The Beach Fishing Mastery Course is less than 24 hours from going live and we cannot wait...
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Gulp! Shrimp VS. FishBites Experiment

Which is better for catching pinfish or other baitfish: Gulp! Shrimp or FishBites? Is there a huge difference between the two brands? Check out this...
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Ultimate Rig For Catching Large Quantities Of Baitfish

What are the best rigs and setups for catching your own baitfish? Check out the ultimate rig for catching large quantities of baitfish...
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Use This Simple Rig To Catch A Variety Of Baitfish

How do you catch your baitfish? Do you use a cast net or a different type of rig? You can use this simple rig to catch baitfish...
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This Is How To Catch Spooky Bait When Kayak Fishing Using A Cast Net

Are you struggling to catch live bait while fishing from your kayak? It is extremely important to have proper positioning and...
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The Easiest Way To Catch Loads Of Live Bait On The Flats

Do you want to see one of the quickest ways to have tons of live bait (pinfish and whitebait) coming right up to your boat? Watch this!
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How To Catch Mud Minnows In A Minnow Trap (Best Baits & Spots)

Want to see an easy way to catch a ton of mud minnows? Check out this video and learn where to put a minnow trap, what bait to use, and...
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How To Easily Catch Pinfish In A Pinfish Trap

Want to easily catch dozens of pinfish without having to throw a big, wet, dirty net? See how (and where) to catch dozens of pinfish with...
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The Best Way To Find Bait (When Throwing A Cast Net From A Kayak)

Want to learn how to cast net more bait when in a kayak? Watch this video and see when you should anchor up and let the bait come to you vs. when you...
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How To Catch Sand Fleas (Without A Sand Flea Rake)

Want to see an easy way to catch sand fleas? Learn how to catch them in this video, as well as the best tides to catch them and how to find them.
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How To Catch Whitebait For Saltwater Fishing (Quick & Easy)

Want to learn how to black out your livewell in just a few minutes? Check out this easy tip to catch a ton of bait without...
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How To Thread A Sabiki Rod (The Quick & Easy Way)

Want to see an easy way to thread a sabiki rod? The line will often get bunched up inside of the rod, or will get caught on a lip, but threading them...
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