How To Find And Cast Net Your Own Shrimp

This is how you can find and cast net your own shrimp.

Sure, it’s easier to go to a tackle shop and pick up shrimp.

But, you can save a little money and have fun trying to cast net your own!

Check this out!!

Find And Cast Net Your Own Shrimp [VIDEO]

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I was out fishing with fellow Fishing Coach Matt Lanier and he mentioned he had never thrown a cast net before!

Since we were on top of a TON of shrimp, I figured I’d give him and you all a little lesson.

What To Look For

On this particular day, Matt and I were fishing on a super long stretch of bank line.

The first thing to take into account is the tide cycle.

The best time to cast net for shrimp is during the middle of an outgoing tide moving into low and maybe even an hour or so of the incoming tide.

If you have a trolling motor on your vessel, then this will be easy.

If not, you need someone steering the boat in these areas with intense currents.

The next thing you need to look for is the shape and direction of the bank.

Preferably, you would want to be near a bank that comes off gradually and slowly, like mud banks.

Keep your eye out for any drains or exits off the marsh and grass lines as well.

Shrimp do move just like fish but if you hit enough of these areas along the bank, you’ll be sure to catch quite a few.

Set Up & Throwing The Cast Net

Typically, you want to start further out and work your way closer to the bank.

Shrimp tend to scatter when they see the net hit the water.

The net I am using in this video is a simple 5-foot cast net.

I am right-handed so I’ll end up swinging across my body and throwing the net out from my left.

To start, have the line in your left hand and the net in your right.

Reach across with your left hand and hold the net and line together.

Then reach down about 1/3 of the net with your right hand and fold it over to create a small loop.

Pass that loop and line off to your left hand and slip out your right hand.

You’ve basically just choked up on the net to make it easier for you to cast and avoid possible tangles.

Check the net at this point for any tangles or anything out of the ordinary.

This next step requires you to hold the net in your mouth or between your fingers.

Reach your right arm down about arm’s length and grab the net.

Now at this point, we’re ready to throw the net.

Shift your weight back and slightly twist your body to the side with more of the net in your hand.

Then swing your arms wide and release the net in a twisting motion so it opens up as a complete circle around the shrimp below.

Once you throw the net out, let it sink down to the bottom.

After a few seconds, gently tug on the line and then slowly reel the net back in toward you.

Pull the net up into your vessel and have a bucket or live well ready to transfer the shrimp you’ve just caught.

If you know the shrimp are skittish or there are just a few hanging around, you can quickly make another toss right after the first one to catch anything that may still linger around.


keep live bait alive longer

It can be too much fun to get out there with a cast net, catch a bunch of shrimp, and then use that to catch a bunch of fish!

It definitely takes some practice but throwing a cast net is not out of reach!

What do you do differently when throwing a cast net?

What type of net do you recommend for inexperienced anglers?

Please share down in the comments!!

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Leslie Smith
12 days ago

Thanks, I followed your instructions and threw my 7′ net yesterday and boy was I shocked ! I worked great , I can do it NOW!!!!!! THANK YOU !

Danny Leshowitz
21 days ago

Great info!

David LaPointe
3 months ago

Does this technique work down here in Boca Grande? I’ve dipped some nearby but have never seen anyone throw a castanet on them.

Rick Thomas
1 year ago

One other question. What do the shrimp schools look like. Do they make a top water disturbance?

Rick Thomas
1 year ago

First off… Best name in the world. 🙂 What is the net hole size? 3/8/1/4?

1 year ago

Well done Gentlemen! Well done

Nathan Forrest
1 year ago

great video as always.

Amos Jones
1 year ago

Great casting instructions! That’s exactly how I was taught to do it! I am hoping to get some shrimping in within the next three weeks, if God’s willing!

Patrick Kurtas
1 year ago

Thanks for the pointer I should use my cast net more.

James Woodmansee
1 year ago

I really like this easy method of yours, Richard. Another good one is at


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