Biggest Mistake Anglers Make When Using Artificial Lures


Even if you’re in the right spot…

Using the right bait…

At the right time…

You could still not catch fish.

How is that possible, you ask?

It’s because of one simple mistake that makes all your hard work go down the drain.

See what that mistake is and how to avoid it in the video below.

Biggest Artificial Lure Mistake [VIDEO]

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The biggest mistake anglers make is not getting their lure into the strike zone.

Even if your lure is just a foot away from where the fish wants it, that could make them pass up on your lure…

Causing you to come home with a beautiful picture of the sunset, talking about how it’s just nice to be out on the water (even though you’re hurting deep inside).

So here’s the big question: how do you avoid this mistake?

By taking into consideration the current.

Let’s say you’re fishing a dock piling.

If the current is coming toward you and you place your lure perfectly at the base of the piling — you already lost.

By the time the lure sinks down into the strike zone at the bottom, it’s already way past the piling.

But if you take into consideration the fact that the current will be taking your lure as soon as it hits the water, and you toss it past the piling, then by the time it gets to the piling it will be near the bottom right in front of the fishes hungry mouths.


Most anglers don’t actually get their lure into the strike zone.

To give yourself the best shot at catching fish, you need to take the current into consideration and cast your lure past where you actually want it to go.

Have any questions about catching fish with artificial lures?

Or know of any other common mistakes?

Let me know down in the comments.

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A Rollins
2 years ago

No back peddling?

Lee Foreman
2 years ago

Thanks for tip Tony

Bob Hartwein
2 years ago

Great Video & Tips! That wasn’t that Snooks first “Rodeo”! He knew how to wrap around those pilings like a Pro!! 😉

Chad Craig
2 years ago

Always killing it Tony! Thanks for the tip. What type of Hobie are you yaking?

David Wamsley
2 years ago

OK Tony-You are in your Kayak and hook a monster snook which takes you all over the place including around the dock pilings. You jump out of the yak and follow the fish until you finally wear it out.
My question is: What are you wearing on your feet?? How do you know that there is not debris, or rocks, or oyster shells, or glass under or around the dock?
Great Fish

Dana Endorf
2 years ago

Great video, Tony. I fish from a kayak, so I love your videos. Love the monster snook.

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

Tony I’ve watched that video I don’t know how many times. What a awesome heart pounding fight AWESOME Man !!! 🎣💪

Dennis Penton
2 years ago

Loved that fight. Beast mode!

Cory Emerson
2 years ago

Good info that I often overlook Tony….Nice job landing that snook!

2 years ago

Nice snook – how deep was the area ? 👍 way to jump in and catching the snook


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