Biggest Mistake Anglers Make When Using Artificial Lures


Even if you’re in the right spot…

Using the right bait…

At the right time…

You could still not catch fish.

How is that possible, you ask?

It’s because of one simple mistake that makes all your hard work go down the drain.

See what that mistake is and how to avoid it in the video below.

Biggest Artificial Lure Mistake [VIDEO]

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The biggest mistake anglers make is not getting their lure into the strike zone.

Even if your lure is just a foot away from where the fish wants it, that could make them pass up on your lure…

Causing you to come home with a beautiful picture of the sunset, talking about how it’s just nice to be out on the water (even though you’re hurting deep inside).

So here’s the big question: how do you avoid this mistake?

By taking into consideration the current.

Let’s say you’re fishing a dock piling.

If the current is coming toward you and you place your lure perfectly at the base of the piling — you already lost.

By the time the lure sinks down into the strike zone at the bottom, it’s already way past the piling.

But if you take into consideration the fact that the current will be taking your lure as soon as it hits the water, and you toss it past the piling, then by the time it gets to the piling it will be near the bottom right in front of the fishes hungry mouths.


Most anglers don’t actually get their lure into the strike zone.

To give yourself the best shot at catching fish, you need to take the current into consideration and cast your lure past where you actually want it to go.

Have any questions about catching fish with artificial lures?

Or know of any other common mistakes?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to catch more fish with artificials, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Victor Gatell Jr
7 days ago

Judging by his moves, that boy has been hooked before! He probably did not expect you to de-board, lol. I could imagine his thoughts: ” Oh you did not just get out of that boat”.. That was fun to watch!

Last edited 7 days ago by Victor Gatell Jr
Allan Vrboncic
6 days ago

Nice fish Tony.

Michael Fuller
6 days ago


What is the best move if I’m fishing a chokepoint and would have to paddle over the fish in order to fish the current correctly? Do I cast with the current instead of into it? Do I paddle over the fish and then just turn around and cast into the current? Do I paddle past the fish and fish somewhere past the chokepoint for 15-20+ minutes and then come back and fish the current correctly?

Thoughts? Thanks!

J Long
6 days ago

Wow! I agree. So fun to watch! As a new to kayak fishing member, what pants and boots were you wearing? I noticed the water was fairly shallow. I have some NRS Zephyr Pants and Wet Shoes. But, I don’t plan on getting out in cold water here in Bluffton/HHI, SC, while it has been as cold as it has lately. I expect this level of clothing to be more suitable for early Spring/late Autumn water temps. I’d like guidance to clothing videos for insider members or some tips. Thanks Salt String Nation!

Last edited 6 days ago by J Long
Randy Edwards
6 days ago

This video seems a bit contrived. The thing about getting the fish’s attention on the 2nd or 3rd cast is just another unsubstantiated speculation that fishermen are known for, but for which there is little or no reason to believe. I have had many opportunities to watch fish react to a cast lure, and almost always it is the first cast that elicits a strike reaction. Once a fish has seen a lure but has not been induced to strike it, the chances of it striking it on the next cast or so are greatlydiminished. Plus, the second or third cast is almost never exactly in the same place as the firs, so a strike on the other casts are much more likely due to the lure being presented at a different place.

As for the video catching the snook — one that has been shown here previously — it looks as if it contradicts the beginning concep of the presentation. That snook seems to have been hooked by casting under the dock and retrieving the lure AGAINST the current, not with it. The wakes from the pilings show that the current were moving away and to the left of the camera.

Contrived presentations like this can be a turn-off to your audience…Keep it real.

Jeff Copeland
5 days ago
Reply to  Randy Edwards

It’s just so hard to just someone’s intent. Tony hasn’t let me down, so I’ll trust he wants to be honest here. It seems to me every time I’ve been out with a guide I’ve heard them say” there is gonna be a fish right there” and they have someone cast until it’s caught or they say watch this cast knowing they will get the fish the second time.

Juan carlos
5 days ago
Reply to  Randy Edwards

Jesus Randy you can be a real pill about the free content bud. Pop a fresh tampon in and relax.

Michael Long
4 days ago
Reply to  Juan carlos

Juan your response is hilarious! LOL

K Pape
5 days ago

This is the most entertaining video that I remember watching (apart from watching Luke’s dog trying to play with fish). And that’s no matter what the merits are of the question of which way the current is moving.

Last edited 5 days ago by Kenneth Pape
Randy Edwards
2 days ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

If there was no current, why did you include it in your video presentation about how to cast upstream?

Dennis Gregoris
5 days ago

I’ve got a question about fishing with the current. When the current is moving pretty good, you have to retrieve seems very fast in order to get your swim bait, paddle tails to have the action on the lure, a long cast is back to you in no time. Should I avoid the fast current, or use a different bait. Making the perfect cast is rewarding by itself, if you hook up it’s a bonus.

Jeff Copeland
5 days ago

Tony, that was epic. I love how you stayed calm and just kept your focus. What is the fishing line used? Did you have to change after all those touches with the dock?

5 days ago

Nice snook – how deep was the area ? 👍 way to jump in and catching the snook

Cory Emerson
5 days ago

Good info that I often overlook Tony….Nice job landing that snook!

Dennis Penton
4 days ago

Loved that fight. Beast mode!

Stan Mitchell
4 days ago

Tony I’ve watched that video I don’t know how many times. What a awesome heart pounding fight AWESOME Man !!! 🎣💪

Dana Endorf
4 days ago

Great video, Tony. I fish from a kayak, so I love your videos. Love the monster snook.

David Wamsley
4 days ago

OK Tony-You are in your Kayak and hook a monster snook which takes you all over the place including around the dock pilings. You jump out of the yak and follow the fish until you finally wear it out.
My question is: What are you wearing on your feet?? How do you know that there is not debris, or rocks, or oyster shells, or glass under or around the dock?
Great Fish

Chad Craig
3 days ago

Always killing it Tony! Thanks for the tip. What type of Hobie are you yaking?

Bob Hartwein
3 days ago

Great Video & Tips! That wasn’t that Snooks first “Rodeo”! He knew how to wrap around those pilings like a Pro!! 😉

Lee Foreman
19 hours ago

Thanks for tip Tony


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