How To Catch Redfish Using A Topwater Duck! [VIDEO]

I love it when my friend Brandon Barton from Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing sends me an email…


Because he only sends me amazing videos of him catching fish in his kayak.

Sometimes it’s him having epic battles underneath a dock (like this video)…

And sometimes it’s bloopers like when his client flipped out of his kayak while fighting a big red snapper (like this video).

Well, this morning he sent me a video with the headline “catching redfish on a duck.”

I couldn’t resist checking it out with that kind of caption (and after I saw it, I had to share it with you).

Here are a few takeaways and tips from this video:

  • Catching redfish is all about finding the feeding zone!
  • When you find feeding redfish, they will hit just about anything.
  • The trend that Brandon used to have an epic night was knowing strong tides were bringing in a bunch of crabs and eels through the bridges. And when you can find any type of light (like the bridge lights), you can throw just about anything in there and get big strikes on topwater plugs (even ducks)
  • Follow the moving schools of bait, find the fish…

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5 years ago

Catching a Bull Red on a Duck…PRICELESS, for everything else, there’s Master card (for the 200 other lures in your arsenal)

5 years ago

those fish will hit anything if they are hitting that duck lure. Waterfowl are not out swimming around at night.

roy noblin
5 years ago

that was great

John Chimpo
5 years ago

He seems like a nice guy, but I hate him anyway! 😉

5 years ago
Reply to  John Chimpo


5 years ago

It’s brilliant

5 years ago

Do you ever use live ducks?

Jonathon Douglas
5 years ago

Is that a 4 inch or 6 inch duck?

5 years ago

6 inch


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