Inshore Fishing Report for Kayakers and Waders in Tampa, FL

By: Luke Simonds on August 27, 2015
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Tampa Inshore Fishing Report

You might not believe this, but I found this amazing inshore fishing hole while sitting in a window seat on a flight from Atlanta to Tampa.

And you don’t even need a boat to get there!

Let me explain.

Finding a new fishing spot for redfish, snook, and trout can be a daunting task for many inshore anglers… especially those without a boat.

And this is a significant problem because finding a good fishing area is WAY more important than having the best fishing equipment.

Since one of my favorite things to do is explore new fishing areas, I thought it would be helpful to start publishing details about kayak and/or wade-friendly areas so those who don’t have a boat or are visiting from out of town can get a head start to finding easily accessible fishing grounds…

fishing no motor zone

Here is a head cam shot of me on my paddleboard in Cypress Point

So here’s the plan:

  1. I’ll record my exploration trips and describe what to expect
  2. Minimal gear will be used (no motor, just 1 rod/reel, and minimal tackle)
  3. Each fishing report will show satellite views of the location along with tips on what gear is recommended

So without further ado, here’s our first Salt Strong “No Motor” Fishing Report from Cypress Point Park in Tampa, FL…

Tampa Fishing Report – Cypress Point Park

After seeing the healthy grass flats from the window seat of many flights while descending towards Tampa International Airport (who would have ever guessed you could find fishing spots from a commercial airline flight), I finally decided to venture out there to see if they held redfish, snook, and/or trout.

Fortunately, there is a nice park that touches this great looking flat allowing for a very convenient access to inshore anglers who like to go wade fishing, kayak fishing, or paddleboard fishing…

It’s called Cypress Point Park… below is an aerial image along with its address:

cypress point park fishing

High level view of Cypress Point Park from Google maps

Cypress Point Park
5620 W Cypress St.
Tampa, FL 33607

Cypress Point Park Fishing Review

Here’s a chart showing Cypress Point Park’s accessibility ratings for inshore anglers:

Cypress Point Park Fishing Review

Cypress Park Fishing Report

On my visit, I decided to fish via paddle board so I could quickly cover ground while having an elevated view of the water (compared to kayak fishing) because I only had a few hours of free time.

Note: This isn’t a fancy fishing paddle board… just an old board I’ve had for years with a missing fin that I really like because it is light and very easy to transport.

I went to the park on August 19th of 2015… I got on the water around 8:30 and was back on land after a couple hours of fun.

Cypress Point Park tide chart

Here’s a quick summary of the top inshore species that I caught/saw at Cypress Point Park:

  • Redfish: Great… caught a keeper in the first 15 minutes from a good sized school and saw roaming singles too
  • Snook: Good… caught one and saw several other snook stalking bait up in the shallows (all small snook though)
  • Trout: Good… saw a ~20 inch trout in a pothole and there likely are many smaller trout holding on the outside edge of the flat

Short Video of the Trip

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Finding new fishing grounds isn’t as hard as most anglers think. If done properly, it can be an incredibly fun and rewarding way to enjoy even a short opening of the day.

Heck, it can even be done under 10,000 feet on a commercial airline…

Best of all, having a boat and/or fancy equipment is not a requirement for catching redfish, snook, and trout… all you need is the motivation to simply get out there along with a lure or two that you feel confident in using…

The only guarantee in fishing is that you won’t catch anything if you don’t go…

P.S. – If you’d like to see more reports like this, please leave a comment below (or send an email to and state the area you’d like me to cover… I’ll be planning future trips based on feedback received.

P.P.S. – If you think your friends or fishing network would like this post, please Tag them or Share this with them. It would mean a lot to me.

Fish On!

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1 year ago

I know that using a fishing chart is still very useful when it comes to finding new areas to fish. This chart has been really good to me, especially when it comes to snook and redfish.

1 year ago

How about Robert Rees Park area?

Max Grimard
Max Grimard
1 year ago

Hi Luke, I am considering going out to either Cypress Point Park, Picnic Island, or around the Gandy Bridge this weekend on my paddleboard – any preference? also, at Cypress Point Park, it looks like you turned south from the park and headed towards 275, is this correct? Thanks!

Matthew Clark
2 years ago

Hey guys! I’m planning on doing some wading (8-weight fly rod) for redfish at Picnic Island (Tampa) next week. Any advice?

Matthew Clark
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks Luke!

Michelle Dopps
2 years ago

Hey guys! We are headed to Tampa-Brandon area for the weekend. We have a small Key West and are looking for some quick, easy access places to fish…as we don’t have a lot of time. Hoping to catch some reds and snook. Any suggestions for locations?? Thanks!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Michelle Dopps

Coffee pot park as a nice little boat ramp or try Chris park Saint Petersburg. Bigger spots you can try Courtney Campbell cause way ramp handy bridge ramps and picnic island

Karl Nietzschmann
Karl Nietzschmann
3 years ago

I am planning a family vacation to Tampa in November so I have been researching the shallow water fishing in the area. I love to wade fish and your site has the best information. Are there any safety concerns that a new person should be aware of? Thanks for the wonderful site.

Brent Davis
Brent Davis
3 years ago

Where are good spots to catch redfish near Ruskin or riverview?

4 years ago

Try fishing in Jacksonvile

4 years ago

Thanks for that, pretty informative for a brief show-how is the bottom on the Tampa bay? Does it vary as it does here in the east or is it mostly hard? Going to have an opportunity to kayak out of St Pete this season, so keep the intel coming-

4 years ago

Hello…how deep is the water you are fishing in….can this area be waded…thanks gary

George D
4 years ago


With the amount of people “kayak fishing” I think this is an outstanding idea. Some of the areas I’d like to see you take your expertise and provide advice on would be;

a) Bishop Harbour
b) Terra Ceia Bay
c) Migul Bayou and Area
d) Perico Bay
e) Manatee River
f) The Flats between Anna Maria Island and Robertson Point (Bradenton)
f) Any of the Flats around Sarasota

Just a few suggestions.

Could I also be so bold as to suggest a new heading to the Saltstrong Webpage, namely one specifically where people could make recommendations specific to kayak/wade fishing. Some suggestions for sub headings would be;
a) kayak rigging help/points,
b) suggestions for launch points/wading areas
c) kayak fishing how to’s,

Just some thoughts.

Fish Strong

George D

4 years ago

Great info on this site!

Chris Blanco
4 years ago

Awesome video! Damn dude, you really got me considering picking up a paddle board. I like the idea of having the higher vantage point. Most of the areas I fish in are so shallow and sometimes I feel like I’m spooking fish away before I have a chance to spot them. I always wondered how stable those paddle boards are. I weigh about 230 and don’t know how I’m going to avoid losing my balance if I hook a big ol’ snook. ha