Daiwa Fuego: Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $100? (With MAGSEAL)


Daiwa’s MAGSEAL is a game changer.

No matter how careful you are with your reels, they’re going to end up getting dunked, or at least get saltwater splashed on them every now and then.

For some reels, that’s a death sentence.

But for Daiwa, not so much.

In fact, Wyatt, one of our fishing coaches, recently took a spill in his kayak and the two reels on board went under.

He had to throw one of them away because it was in such bad shape, but his Daiwa Fuego was still like new.

He has two Fuegos and to this day, he still can’t tell which one was dunked and which one was not.

So what’s Daiwa’s secret to keeping their reels so saltwater resistant?


They’ve figured out a way to magnetize the oil in their reels, which guards their internal components from saltwater.

I know that sounds crazy, but check out how it works in the video below.

Daiwa Fuego With MAGSEAL [VIDEO]

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Isn’t that awesome?!

We’ve tested out dozens of reels over the years and Daiwa is consistently one of the top performers.

You can get the Daiwa Fuego, as well as other Daiwa reels, at the Salt Strong Tackle Store.

Have any questions about MAGSEAL?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Ozzie Polit
1 year ago

When will the Fuego 2500 xh be back in stock?

eric b marshall
1 year ago

That is a good reel we have 2 in our boat but we went to the saltist mq they are the one thing that we all feel every reel we buy is missing that one thing NOT ANYMORE
We have 8 from 2500 up to 13000 none have missed a beat used from trout, redfish up to shallow water grouper, try it you wont be sorry

1 year ago

Great video…thank u

Michael McDade
2 years ago

Bought the Fuego 2500 to match with my StCroix Avid X MLXF…. one of the best combinations I had ever fished with for specs. Although I never got to truly test the magna-seal by soaking reel, it was extremely smooth with a great drag. Unfortunately after rearranging some gear, I drove off leaving my prized possession on the roof of my SUV… Didn’t realize it until 3 hours later. That hurt….

Mark Keller
2 years ago

I purchased both the Daiwa Fuego 3000 earlier this summer (April 2020) and a month later the 2500 from SaltSTRONG. After 3 months of use, the 3000 developed a drag or friction while reeling. Another subscriber had the same experience and posted an inquiry with SS. SS deferred to the manufacturer so both myself and the other subscriber took our issue to Daiwa. Daiwa corrected the problem without commenting if this was a common problem with their Fuego reels or not, even when I asked. They took 2-3 weeks to diagnose the problem and sent me a bill for $30 to be paid if I wanted the problem corrected. There is a long story here about Daiwa, SaltSTRONG and myself communicating via email and the many “dropped balls” therein but I won’t bore you further. Bottom line, I provided Daiwa with a proof of purchase (thank you SS) and Daiwa corrected the problem under warranty at no cost to me. This took another 3 weeks to complete and for me to receive the repaired reel. Though I like them both very much, based on my experience with the 3000 and 2500 reels and a video by Luke Simonds comparing the Fuego 3000 and 2500, I would buy the 2500 first and see how it performs.

Ron Whetstone
2 years ago

I’m going to try this reel. I am going to get 2 of them. I am going to get the 3000 for my inshore rods. I have a question about purchasing for my heavier rods. I have some Redbone 7′ heavy weight fast action rods that I use for big tarpon and structure fishing. I bought a BG gold 4500. Originally I was going to buy a BG 5000 and Luke told me they run big ( they run really big lol) so I bought a 4500 instead. While I like the reel it is still a little big and most importantly the reel handle does not fold down so it does not store in the rod holders under my gunnels on my skiff. I was going to try a BG 4000 but think I would like to try these reels instead. So my question is do they run smaller than the BGs. Would a 5000 be about the same size or a little smaller than the BG 4500 and does the handle fold down. Thanks for the info

Ron Whetstone
2 years ago
Reply to  Ron Whetstone

Well I just looked up the Fuego’s and realize they don’t go bigger than a 4000. So I guess my question would be is there a size difference between the BG 4000 and the Fuego 4000?

Jose Gonell
2 years ago

Took mine out today in the gulf on my kayak..15lb power pro braid & 20 lb leader. Flawless.. paired it to a St Croix mojo inshore rod.. I “used” to use 4000, going with 2500 or 3000 for inshore.. lighter braid 10-15lb.. my wrist thank me..

Michael Teahan
2 years ago

Daiwa Fuego rocks! landed 37 inch snook on my first cast w the Fuego 1000 this morning. 100 bucks is a great deal. super smooth

Dennis Bloom
2 years ago

Just ordered this reel. I bought a Penn Conflict II and am very disappointed. I have tried it on all thee of my rods, with different braid and every time I get tangles. None of my other reels get the braid knots I get with this Penn. Made 10 casts this AM with the 1/4 oz Jig head and Slam shady and had to put it away, tangles in 2 different spots. Hope this reel keeps me fishing my whole trip.

Steven Free
2 years ago

Never tried the diawa Diego but know after listening to Tonys report on the shimano nasi and after buying 3 can say for sure that it’s my favorite spinning reel and with tax it was about 110 bucks but that’s my opinion what one says is best to me is only an opinion because in fishing slot of things that work great for some anglers don’t work for others and vice versa you guys all use 10 lb braid and claim it’s the best inshore well I use 20 lb inshore and works just as good for me you fish in clear water where 10lb braid is needed i fish in totally opposite conditions murky water always and alot stronger tides in fact my part of florida northeast jax area has the strongest tide range in the whole state anyways like i said your opinion is yours and works for you and mine works for me


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