Drone Captures Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy at Bay Flats Lodge


Last month down in Texas at the Bay Flats Lodge, my drone captured a Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy!

Our entire experience at Bay Flats Lodge was memorable and we can’t thank everyone enough for showing us around and getting us on fish in a hurry!

Don’t miss this amazing footage!!!

Drone Captures Popping Cork Feeding Frenzy [VIDEO]

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We absolutely crushed redfish using popping corks and live shrimp down at Bay Flats Lodge.

The drone footage we were able to get there was INSANE!!

You can learn a lot about targeting redfish and their feeding behaviors.

The goal of the trip was to hit outflow points near marshes and creeks.

Redfish like to sit in these areas on outgoing tides to pluck off easy meals.

They wait for the bait to come to them while the current does the work.

Live Shrimp + Popping Cork Technique

This time of the year, the shrimp can get a bit larger than normal.

To rig these shrimp, find the long horn on the top of the shrimp’s head.

Slide the hook point right underneath the horn of the shrimp and you’re ready to fish.

This keeps the shrimp lively and good to go.

When it comes to casting the popping cork, you want to always use the wind to your advantage if you can.

Don’t put as much snap into the cast as you would other artificial lures.

You want to lob the cork out with some force and let it sail down to the water.

Then, as needed, give the cork a pop here and there.

After each pop, let the shrimp settle back down to the bottom and wait for that bite.


This just goes to show that a popping cork and live shrimp is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get on some redfish this fall.

If you want to have a similar experience like this over in Texas, check out Bay Flats Lodge and book a trip HERE!!!

What did you think of this drone footage??

Is there anything else you want to see us capture using the drone?

Let us know in the comments below this article!!

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Dennis Brackins
14 days ago

Looks like you guys had an awesome time! What kind of boat were you on, I really like the way it is laid out.

Henry Zamora
15 days ago

Absolutely a great instructional & entertaining video to watch. I fished Seadrift areas once & I caught 28″ friend caught 33″. A local told me story about a time he took brother-in-law night fishing Lower Laguna Rivera Tx & warned him about stiff fines that local judge issues for any fishing violations. He didn’t listen & was caught with oversized reds which he denied until warden showed him drone footage. It was costly $$$ for him & lesson for his son. Thanks to everyone for making us aware of regulations on drone usage.

Mel Bledsoe
15 days ago

Great video and this is the time of year I like to use a popping cork in areas like that here in the panhandle of fl.

Greg_Cindy Batchelor
15 days ago

Waay cool, great video!

Guy Stephens
15 days ago

Wyatt, great teaching video and video. Thank you. Question, what is the popping cork you are using? I keep seeing this style with what looks like a larger weight directly under the cork. I guess that helps casting. Do you sell them on the site?

Anthony Bishop
16 days ago

That’s the kind of repetitive I could watch all day! Thanks, Wyatt!

John Hall
16 days ago

FYI for all, I spoke with a texas game warden to get clarification on this linked below, and he stated what I kinda thought after reading. Cannot use a drone while in the act or use a drone to film others in the act of fishing.


John Hall
15 days ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Agreed re stringent and inconsistent on drone usage. The language in the outdoor annual has changed a few times over the past few years, and what I linked above, language seems to be expanded from the last time I had discussed and spoke to a warden in Rockport on the matter.

This was less of a finger wagging at you, more of a cautionary statement to others, myself included.

I am near the field office and will try to drop
In and inquire again, changes may have recently come into effect on sep 1 this year. Will report back, please do the same if you hear anything new.

Harold Wilson
16 days ago

Really enjoyed the drone footage. Thanks for your effort.

Will Benson
16 days ago

That looked like fun. I’ve fished with Bay Flats, been a few years ago and they have a good group of guides and great meals, especially their grilled steak dinner (if they’re still doing that). That body of water (San Antonio Bay) out of Seadrift has some great speckled trout and redfish water. What time of year were you fishing?

Andy Hong
16 days ago

Awesome video! Great tips, and really fun to watch. Thanks, Wyatt!


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