Easiest Way To Mount A Micro Power-Pole On A Skiff

Can you mount a Micro Power-Pole on a small skiff or a gheenoe?

Where is the best place to attach a Micro Power-Pole to your small watercraft?

Learn how to mount a Micro Power-Pole to your skiff, gheenoe, or other small watercraft below!!

Check it out!

Easiest Way To Mount A Micro Power-Pole On A Skiff

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The Power-Pole mounting bracket allows you to mount the Power Pole to the side or the transom of a skiff.

The bracket is very similar to that of a trolling motor mount if you were to attach that to a transom.

If you do not have enough room on the back of your gheenoe or skiff, it is best to mount the Power-Pole as close as you can to the rear of the vessel on the side.

You should utilize spacers to protect the hull of the skiff or gheenoe and create a more secure attachment for the Power Pole.

Try to find spacers made of Starboard that are Marine grade and will not rust or wear out on you.

Moreover, because the Power-Pole will be secure to the mount and the side of your skiff, you do not want to anchor up as you are moving.

If you are moving quickly with the current, you can use a trolling motor to slow yourself down to drop the anchor.

If you choose to drop your anchor while moving, you risk putting tremendous pressure on the hull itself.

It is best to slow yourself down and make sure you are going with the current or facing into the current.

You do not want to be sideways facing the current because all of that pressure will be placed on the hull of your skiff.

Easiest Way To Mount A Micro Power-Pole On A Skiff [VIDEO]

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Norman Oleson
2 years ago

My mouth watered when I saw your gheenoe. It’s a beaut. I have a very old 15’6″ narrow body that’s become my fiberglass restoration hobby . Does the micro anchor work well with hard pack sand bottom? Also so you use a lithium batter for the TM?

Chris Stanard
2 years ago

It would be really cool if you could sell these in your store.

Rob S
2 years ago

Mounting the PP Micro Anchor was helpful. Since I’m not familiar with this system, info about wiring hookup (wiring seen from stern and under rub rail) or if used, a separate battery pak and charger, would be informative too.

Rob S
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

👍 Thanks, Tony!

Uncle Shane
2 years ago

Tony, Great out of the box thinking. One of the nice things I love about Salt Strong and how you work and demonstrate on equipment we can all afford. Many of us cannot afford an $80K boat but a kayak or small skiff is obtainable.
Keep the ideas coming!!! Remember common everyday items are always at hand and need to be used to scratch out itch.


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