Easiest Way To Tie The Snell Knot (For Rigging Cut Bait)


Having a strong knot is essential to landing big fish.

And when you are using cut bait, you never know how big that fish may be at the end of your line.

So in this video, you’ll learn the easiest way to tie a uni-snell knot that’s strong enough for monster fish.

Check it out below!

How To Tie A Snell Knot [VIDEO]

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There are a lot of different versions of a snell knot.

Traditional, non-slip, and improved snell knots are just some of the ways to tie a snell knot.

But the uni-snell knot has been the easiest and most efficient way I’ve found.

It’s great to tie on when using cut bait or dead bait on the bottom for big redfish, black drum, snook, and tarpon.

I prefer to use a bent eye hook like the Gamakatsu Inline Circle Hook when tying a snell knot.

That’s because all of your pulling power is directly from the base of the hook as opposed to the tip of the eyelet.

How To Tie The Uni-Snell Knot

Step 1: Take your leader line through the eyelet on the same side as the hook tip and run the tag line out 10 to 12 inches.

Step 2: Create a small overhand loop and pinch the loop onto the base of the hook.

Step 3: Wrap the tagline around the base of the hook and back through the loop.

Step 4: Do at least 4 to 8 wraps, depending on the thickness of your line.

Note: Heavier leaders may only need 4 wraps and lighter leaders may need up to 8 wraps.

Step 5: Wet the line and wrap the extra tag line around your finger.

Step 6: Pull the mainline up towards the base of the hook to cinch down.


fall redfish

There are often many different variations of knots and the snell knot is no different.

With so many to choose from, make sure you are tying the best knot for your particular fishing situation.

Have you tried out the uni-snell knot yet?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who needs a stronger knot for fishing with cut bait, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Philip Stoddard
3 months ago

Nicely done video. I like that you did two ties, and narrated the 2nd one. Good reinforcement to see it tied twice.

Rod Rice
3 months ago

Justin, thanks for the posting the video!
I had a fishing guide swear by the uni-knot for snelling, but he would use it on straight shank circle hooks. The main line would come out the top side same as the hook point, he felt this pivot angle of the main line improved his success with circle hooks.

Future video request: test the effectiveness of different types of knots on circle hooks (loop, cinch, snell, offset eye, straight shank)

3 months ago

Excellent demo, but Why is this knot better for cut bait in particular?

Pablo Diaz
3 months ago

Nice video and easy to follow

C. Lance Weaver
3 months ago

Well done Justin, nicely done to the point.

Bob Hartwein
3 months ago

Great instructions Justin! Why I think I might be able to tie that one! Tight Lines 😉

Stephen Allen
3 months ago

That’s pretty slick, Justin. Thanks for sharing.

Jean Long-Thomason
3 months ago


Matt Pfeiffer
3 months ago

Nice video, thanks Justin!

Nathan Durfee
3 months ago

Great video! Personally I tie a cinch style snell. That’s really not even a knot. You put your leader down through the top of the eye, wrap your leader around the hook starting from the eye. I use 13 wraps when fishing for larger slot and up. At the end of the 13 wraps take and put the leader line back up through the eye. It’s done. There are no hard turns or wearing of the line because it is never really tight unless pulled on. I usually use this surf fishing with a 5/0 octopus hook, 50lb leader, and 35lbs braid. I set it up fish finder rig style with about 6-10” leader. Sinker slide and 6oz Sputnik sinker to get it out there and hold. I have caught numerous 50-100lb sharks and stingrays and rarely have break offs. I find that set up breaks at the braid. No need for steel leaders due to the circle hook.

Ken Shirilla
3 months ago
Reply to  Nathan Durfee

Totally agree. The knotless snell is the best when pre-rigging since you need both side of the leader. Re-rigging on an existing leader requires another knot type. I saw this first from a big catfish guy on YouTube. I’ve shared it many times since it is a great snell especially with heavy leader vs Polamar knot. 👍🏻


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