Failed Quest For Black Drum Leads To Epic Speckled Trout Bite

Insider Member Tony Prescott joined me on a failed quest for black drum that lead to an epic speckled trout bite!

During the springtime, it is common for schools of black drum to push into the Tampa Bay.

The water was glass calm as we made our way out to a giant flat.

Check it out!!

Failed Quest For Black Drum Leads To Epic Speckled Trout Bite [VIDEO]

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My Setup:

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With Power Prawn USA lures and live shrimp at the ready, we were well-equipped to hunt down some black drum!

Once we got out to the spot, our strategy was to slowly patrol the flat using the trolling motor keeping our eyes peeled for any pushes or signs of life.

We started blind-casting the area and picked up a few ladyfish.

Then some trout started to get mixed in which made for some fun fish-catching action.

Most of the fish were on the smaller side until we made ONE huge change.

We moved way up into the shallows to fish in about a foot of water.

The ladyfish and small trout were all caught in 3 feet or more.

We continued to fish the flat until we came across an oyster bar absolutely filled with fish.

This is when we started to get into some bigger trout with bellies full of bait.

Tony and I had both switched over to the Power Prawn USA and the trout couldn’t get enough.

We kept pushing on looking for any signs of black drum while catching some solid trout.

Later on, I hooked into a trout and as I was reeling it in, a giant Osprey swooped down and snatched the trout out of the water while I still had the fish hooked.

This was INSANE to see so close to us on the boat.

Fortunately, it dropped the trout and was able to avoid Tony’s line and fly off safely.

Shortly after the run-in with the Osprey, we packed up and went back to the ramp.

Analysis & Takeaways

Ultimately, we didn’t achieve our goal which was to see any signs of black drum and hopefully have a chance at hooking into one.

Tony and I had success exactly one year ago trying this same approach for black drum but this time we could not recreate those results.

However, we got into a lot of fish and had a blast out there.

The reason why we were still able to catch fish on this trip is that we always kept a line in the water.

We made blind casts in different areas which helped us uncover a trend that saved the trip.

Lessons Learned

Lure Choice: This was a great example of the importance of not getting too vested in using baitfish imitation lures during the spring… shrimp was definitely on the menu this spring morning.

Quantity: Often when fishing shallow grass flats, the quantities of fish are on the outside edges near the channel. The best lures for these situations are small jigs and paddletails.

Quality: The quality fish were caught in the shallow water.

Finding The Fish Help

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Thomas Utley
4 months ago

Truly awesome swoop on the osprey and you still got the trout in … To cool for
School…. Overall great video for only a few hours of fishing ….. I enjoyed it very much …

A Rollins
5 months ago

Cool, to catch the osprey on camera.
I had a bald eagle take a red drum and returned to try and take a Paul Brown Fat Boy too.

David Gillum
5 months ago

Luke, I have a question. What size jighead should be used if I want to fish deeper? For instance, for depths greater than 40’+.

Anthony Pipino
5 months ago

The link does not work for the insider report.


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