Fishbites “Fight Club” Scented Lures (Video Review: Top Pros & Cons)


Fishbites Fight Club!!!

No, not the movie with Brad Pitt…

I’m talking about an up and coming scented lure called Fight Club by Fishbites.

With lure names like these below, it’s tough not to want to try them out.

  • Dirty Boxer Curly Tail
  • Butt Kicker Paddle Tail
  • Brawler Jerkbait
  • Fight’n Shrimp

Although fishing lure manufacturer “Fishbites” might be a newer name to you (unless you live in North Florida where many guides and weekend warriors swear by them), these lures are 30 years in the making (we’ve posted the video of their story below the review).

I first started testing them out after looking for some similar baits to the Berkley Gulp baits (after my love/hate relationship with Gulps leaves me wondering if they will ever bring back their original Gulp bait formula), because these Fishbites are very similar to Gulps:

  1. They have the same water/oil-based properties (not PVC like most soft plastic lures)
  2. They both release scent once it hits the water
  3. They both need to be kept in “secret scent juice” to avoid shrinking up like a raisin…

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these Fighbites baits.

Pros of Fishbites Fight Club Lures

fishbites fight club lures

Here are the top things I really like about these Fishbite lures:

  1. They are tougher and firmer (and last a bit longer) than Berkley Gulp
  2. They have a built-in scent that automatically releases when the bait hits the water
  3. The Fishbites scent isn’t as pungent (smelly) as the Berkley Gulp
  4. Biodegradable
  5. A 6-pack of the Fishbites shrimp will run you $5.89 (according to the Fishbites website) vs a 6-pack of Gulp Shrimp is around $7.00 (according to this recent Amazon listing)

Cons of Fishbites Fight Club Lures

fishbites scented lures

Here are the top things I didn’t like about them:

  1. They shrink up and become completely unusable if left out of the water or Fightclub juice for too long (they can also ruin hooks if left on too long)
  2. With the Buttkicker paddle tail, I found it hard to do a slow retrieve and still get a good presentation
  3. I had a couple deformed baits from sitting incorrectly for too long in the packaging (so make sure to check the package to make sure none of the lures have lost their form)
  4. They don’t have massive nationwide distribution yet so they can be tough to find in stores if you aren’t near a tackle store that sells them (but you can still buy online)

Fishbites Fight Club Review (VIDEO)

In this video, I review both the Fishbites Fight Club “Fight’n Shrimp” and the “Butt Kicker” Paddle tail.


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The Fishbites Story – History

Here’s a cool video I found on their site regarding how they got started.

Family owned by Dr. William Car (avid angler and marine researcher) and his family.

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Overall, I’m digging these Fight Club lures from Fishbites.

None of these scented soft plastics are perfect, but these lures from Fishbites seem to last longer than the Berkley Gulps (and look, work, and perform similarly).

One downside is that Fishbites doesn’t have the distribution of a company like Berkley/Pure Fishing yet, so unless you near a store that carries them, you have to order online (you can see their store here), but that isn’t really that big of an issue in this digital age (assuming you don’t get a pack with a bunch of deformed lures).

I’m looking forward to trying out more of these Fish Club lures.

So what are your thoughts on these Fishbite lures?

Have you used these Fight Club scented lures or any other baits from their lineup?

Let me know in the comments below.

Tight lines!

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Richard Fiorentino
4 years ago

Gret Report Tony! I , like everyone else, is getting tired of using the new Gulps. If these perform as good, it’s a no brainer. Keep us informed of tests and results.

Ron Langford
5 years ago

Good report Tony, I’ve used some jerk baits and shrimp last week w/o much action, I found that after short time of use the watermelon color baits turned to a pink color. Have you noticed this? The shrimp bait looks like it might be good but haven’t got any strikes other than snappers/lady fish so far.

Steven Free
5 years ago

I live in northeast fl and although I use the fishbites strips consistently I have tried fishbites lures in the paddletail as well but like you hated the action in fact unless using it on a spinnerbait there really isn’t any action to speak of but when used as a trailer for a spinnerbait either safety pin or inline there is some action but personally as far as scent goes I’ll stick with the procure or gulp why switch to something different because like the old mechanic saying goes if it’s not broken don’t try and fix it! In other words if something works well for you why switch but I know your just trying them out anyways haven’t tried the fight club ones yet but I expect them to be no real difference from the other fishbites lures that I have tried except the strips I cut them in small square chunks then tip my jigs and spinnerbaits for more scent awesome product thanks for the test

Gary Rankel
5 years ago

Good stuff, Tony. I tried the paddle tail fishbites last week – terrible action. Will stick with Zman.

Pat Ogletree
5 years ago

Thanks for the heads up on these. I’m running out of my old Gulp shrimp and currently looking for an alternative. Did you find them local here in Orlando? If so, where?

Charles Roberds
5 years ago

Great review Tony. I was just looking at this bait a few days ago. I decided against the purchase because I am a firm believer in the plastics I use. The ones I use are DOA, gulp and zman. I struggle with changing what works for me thus the reason I did not buy this bait.

Andrew Williams
5 years ago

Hey Toni have you been catching as many fish with the Fishbites as with the Gulp?


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