What Fishing Boat Do You Actually Belong On? [QUIZ]

By: Joseph Simonds on August 4, 2015
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which fishing boat do you belong on quiz

Let’s face it, as anglers, we have a mad infatuation with boats.

Big ones, small ones, fast ones, tall ones, and even super light ones (like the new fishing paddleboards)… we love them all… and we just can’t seem to stop looking (and admiring) all of the amazing boats out there.

For instance, I was just down in Islamorada for this year’s mini lobster season and you could have wiped the drool from my face as we went by a brand new custom black Hydrasport 53′ that looked similar to this picture below from the Miami boat show by The Hull Truth.


what fishing boat do you belong in

The Epic Hydrasport 53′ – Photo courtesy of The Hull Truth – http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/651915-miam-boat-show-thoughts-2.html#b

And regardless if you currently own a dinghy, a kayak, a paddleboard, a bass boat, a flats boat, a sport fishing beauty like the Hydrasport above, or even a mega-yacht, you will never be completely satisfied… it’s just part of how we are made as anglers…

But did you ever think to wonder what kind of boat you actually belong on?

I mean, not everyone can wine and dine on a 90ft Hatteras Sport Fishing boat all the time…

Well take this quick and incredibly FUN fishing boat quiz below to find out exactly what kind of fishing boat you were made to be on… the answer might surprise you.

And worst case, if you disagree with the final answer, you can always retake the quick 5-question quiz.

P.S. – Don’t forget to Share your answers with your angler friends after you take the quiz below, and please invite them to take the fishing boat quiz as well. It would mean a lot to us. Fish On!

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