Why Education Is The Key To The Future Of Fishing


Why is education so important to the future of fishing?

And how is fishing education changing?

Print media has traditionally been the preferred medium for fishing education — such as magazines and books.

Other than that, you have some video media options including YouTube and fishing shows.

The biggest problem with these options is that almost all of them are saturated with ads and sponsorships that take away from the actual tips that teach you to fish better.

Call us crazy, we don’t think the most effective way to learn how to fish is using these methods.

While they provide a valuable resource and entertainment, too many of them are so focused on sponsorships and selling ad space that they forget why people tune in to their fishing education material in the first place.

Our Goal

We saw an opportunity to be better and provide a new type of fishing education.

All great fishermen learned how to fish from mentors of some type and experience.

While you can you learn a ton just by being out on the water and figuring it out on your own, the best fishermen will tell you that they had a mentor of some type that taught them how to fish. This mentor can be your dad, mom, brother, friend or really anyone.

No one is born out of the womb a fisherman. You have to learn the right techniques to be successful and having a mentor makes this much easier.

This is where Salt Strong comes in. Our main goal is to be that mentor to thousands of new anglers through the most innovative fishing education online.

In this podcast episode, we go over why fishing education is vital to the future of our sport and talk about:

  1. How fishing education is changing
  2. How fishing education will grow the fishing community
  3. Why we are focused on revolutionizing the way people learn to fish

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The Fish Strong Podcast: Why Education Is Critical To Fishing

Kayak fishing education

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The Future Of Fishing: Education

Fishing Education with son

To put it simply, we need to get more people fishing.


The fishing community may seem like it is huge, but in reality, it is small compared to what it could be. It’s important for us to grow as a community for the future.

We need more people and the next generation of anglers who are going to stand up and fight to protect the fisheries we love. This is where education is key.

By teaching more people to fish, there will be more anglers who are passionate about protecting our fisheries. More fishermen mean that our voices will be stronger when we stand up to protect our waters and our sport.

So where do we get new fishermen?

The best place to start is kids!

Getting kids, the next generation, started fishing is how we ensure that our waterways and sport survive in this modern age. It also:

  • Gets kids off iPhones and computers and forces them to have real experiences
  • Helps families create great memories
  • Gets new people passionate about fishing

To get more kids fishing, it starts with the parents. Our goal is to teach parents to fish so that they can, in turn, teach their kids to fish. This will grow the sport and ensure that we have great fisheries in the future as well.

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fishing education for daughter

Fishing education is no longer just magazines and fishing shows. There are so many different ways to learn how to fish and there are better and new innovative methods to do it coming out every day.

The number one way to learn how to fish is by getting out on the water. But if you want to maximize your time and work on your fishing game while not on the water — Salt Strong and many other options are there to help you in the best way possible.

If you have any questions about this podcast or post, let us know in the comments.

Tight Lines!

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