Florida Keys Lobster Trip: Salt Strong Highlights [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on December 8, 2016
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florida keys lobster season

Lobster week!

And what a week it was.

While down in the Keys earlier this year, we limited out multiple days (100% freediving), and the weather could not have been any more perfect.

Every year, Team Salt Strong heads down to Islamorada (Florida Keys) and spends a week lobstering, boating, drinking, and occasionally fishing…

It’s one of the few times we book a house on the water and don’t focus 100% on fishing.

And after you see the video below, you’ll understand why.

It’s an amazing time with the whole family, and we were lucky this year to have a few amazing friends come visit us.

A huge thanks to our buddy Patrick Nutt for taking us out in his boat to go after the elusive swordfish. We had four swordfish on, and one we had almost all the way up to the boat (within 30 feet) and the fish managed to make a final run and break off.

Heartbreaker… but an awesome day nonetheless.

The MONSTER Lobster

islamorada lobster trip

Cool story behind this 3+ pound spiny lobster…

Yours truly (Joe) took out the paddleboard to meet my dad and 4-year old daughter who were out snorkeling behind the house (in only 5 feet of water).

I happened to take my mask with me just in case I saw anything, and when I finally jumped in, I actually saw two monster lobster antennas sticking out of an old pipe.

Long story short, once I realized how big it was, my dad went down with the paddle board paddle and “tickled” the lobster right into my mask and fins net.

It was pretty epic to roll into the house from the beachfront property with that big boy.

The bug was so big that we even ate his legs (with quite a bit of meat in them).

Finally, a big thanks to all of the guest appearances from the week: Jon, Jen, Bo, Jeaniene, Cathy, and Weegie Bentley (and all of the Bentley kids). The Capozzalo Family. Candace Headrick, and last but not least, our parents (happy birthday Mom!)

Florida Keys Lobster Week – Salt Strong Style

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