Gulp Swimming Mullet Q&A: Best Size Hook, How To Rig Them, & More


Do you know how to choose the right size hook for a curly tail grub?

Or how to rig it if you were using a popping cork?

We recently published a video about how to rig Gulp Swimming Mullet and we got a lot of good questions.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to answer every question on YouTube individually (most of our time is spent with our Insiders), but I was able to put this video together answering some of the questions there.

A lot of good points were brought up, so if you’ve been wondering about rigging curly tail grubs, this video is a must-watch.

Check it out below.

Curly Tail Grub Rigging Q&A [VIDEO]

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To see the original video about rigging curly tail grubs, you can check it out here.

Alright, now let’s get into the questions.

Can you rig Gulp Swimming Mullet this way under a popping cork?

Yes! They can work well under a popping cork and you’d rig them the same way.

When would you chose a curly tail grub over a paddletail?

I use curly tail grubs in pretty much the exact same conditions as a paddletail, so it’s really about which one you prefer.

These conditions are when the water is murky so fish are hunting by feeling vibrations and smelling more than sight

These are my go-to lures for juvenile tarpon, however, so if I know they’re the area I’ll usually to tie one on then.

What size hook do you rig Gulp Swimming Mullet with?

I’m not sure of the exact size of the hook that I rig these Gulp Swimming Mullet on, but I use a Saltwater Assassin Pro Elite jig head.

If I’m using the 1/16 oz or 1/8 oz jig head, I’ll use the 4″ Gulp Swimming Mullet.

But if I need to step up to a 1/4 oz jig head because of depth or current, then I’ll use the 5″ Gulp Swimming Mullet.

Why do you need plenty of space between the lure and the hook when using a jig head, but you skin hook lures when you use a weedless wide gap hook?

With jig heads, the lure doesn’t really have any place to go because the shank of the hook is going through the center of the body of the lure.

But with weedless wide gap hooks, the lure can slide out of the way so you can still get a good hook set.

How does the tail get caught on the hook if it trails behind the lure when you’re retrieving it?

As you twitch the bait, or even sometimes when you cast it, the tail can swing forward and that’s when it can get stuck on the hook.

Where should the hook come out of the lure?

If the hook comes out of the lure too far back, i.e. where the tail is, it can cause the lure to have less action.

Ideally the hook will come out no farther than the middle of the body.

If it goes back any farther than that, then I’ll switch to a jig head with a shorter hook shank.


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John Huft
3 years ago

Is there a curly tail in the Slam shady color in the works?


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