How To Hook A Live Shrimp When Fishing In Current [VIDEO]


It’s live shrimp time!

Without a doubt, live shrimp are one the most popular baits among all saltwater anglers.

Their popularity is due to the fact that they can be used to catch so many different species of fish in so many different regions… seems as if everything in the sea eats them.

And just like any other live bait, it is very important to know how to properly place the hook so that they look as natural as possible while also staying alive for as long as possible.

As you might already know, there are a ton of different ways to hook live shrimp…

But when fishing in areas with current, this way has seemed to outperform the others.

How To Hook A Live Shrimp

When fishing in an area with current, I’ve found the best results with hooking them in between their eyes and their brain immediately below their horn.

The reason this hook placement works so well is because it makes the shrimp look natural in the water while keeping it very mobile and lively since that space just below the horn in between the eyes and the brain doesn’t damage any core organs (see below).

where to hook a shrimp

When hooked towards the head while in current, the water drag on the line will have the shrimp facing towards the current as if it was trying to move away from a predator fish.

And when the shrimp sees a predator fish (which it will if you are fishing in the right area), it’ll start kicking itself backwards just like it naturally does…

However, the shrimp’s kicks will not move it quite as far as it normally would without the hook, making it a quick meal for whichever fish gets to it first.

Here’s a quick video showing exactly how to hook a live shrimp when fishing in current:

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Fishing with shrimp can be a very rewarding way to fish because you’ll likely catch a multitude of species given that almost everything eats them.

And although there are many ways to hook shrimp, this in between the eyes and brain rigging style has been the style of choice for me in catching my favorite targets (snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, and flounder) when fishing in areas with current.

Best of all, there is no telling what will hit on the next cast!

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5 years ago

I have found if you go in just behind the head, (where the head and body meet) and go down the back and out the top (legs out)near the tail, it keeps the shrimp alive and stretched out. It also stops alot of the missed bites and missing tails.

John schaaf
6 years ago

Don’t agree on the hooking of shrimp-been fishing shrimp for 40 years and in current, tail hook will keep them alive and kicking much longer that a horn hook????

James Wilkinson
7 years ago

under how to hook a shrimp, I don’t think you wanted the word NOT in there.

James Wilkinson
7 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Just trying to help make sure you guys look like the pros you seem to be.

Bob Randhare
7 years ago

The “Hooking Live Shrimp” video is much appreciated by this transplanted angler. Now all I have to do is get that casting net to find the little critters.

William Flynn
William Flynn
7 years ago

Luke these videos are great! I send them to my many grandchildren, which really helps me get them closer to becoming a #SaltStrong angler. Thanks, #SaltStrong !


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