Hotspot Locator Helped Me Find The Fish [Fishing Report]

Our Hotspot Locator helped me find the fish!!!

I jumped at the chance to fish with a couple of Insider Members last week and we crushed it thanks to Smart Fishing Spots.

Learn more below!!

Hotspot Locator Helped Me Find The Fish [VIDEO]

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The tide was super low and the water was barely moving but we managed to have a GREAT day.

After waiting for the tide to move a bit, we started hooking into fish left and right.

Although bites were hard to come by at first, we did see a lot of fish all around us.

They just needed that tide to kick in a bit more to start actively feeding.

There was ZERO current flow which is often critical to spark a bite.

No water movement caused these fish to become skittish and spooked by anything we threw at them.

I was throwing paddletail and shrimp presentations when I realized I was reeling my lures in too fast.

So I decided to tie on a Z-Man Kicker CrabZ on a Texas Eye Jighead for more of a finesse approach.

Later on, the wind and current picked up and made the water dirty and murky.

You already know I made use of Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent to enhance my presentations.

In dirty water, scent can make all the difference between a skunk and a banner day.

Much later on in the day when more water had filled in, I switched over to the F.R.E.D. BOMBER lure.

With more water now in the area, the BOMBER would swim perfectly in the water column.

Smart Fishing Spots App

Smart Fishing Spots is our All-In-One Fishing App that has everything you need to plan a successful fishing trip.

We also have the Smart Spots feature which allows you to look at pre-selected fishing hotspots in your area.

It will tell you the best times of the day to fish those areas as well as incredible imagery to know exactly what the bottom structure looks like.

Furthermore, we’ve included a feature that shows you where the Oyster Bars and Sea Grass are located in your area.


textbook fall fishing zones

Fish SMARTER not harder!!!

Smart Fishing Spots is changing the game and can instantly help you get on more fish.

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Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

1. Weekend Game Plans (updated weekly)

These regional game plans will show you exactly what types of spots to target in under 10 minutes… just click the video to start, and you’ll be informed on what to do on your next trip.

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2. Smart Fishing Spots Platform (updated every 15 minutes)

This exclusive software literally shows you where the most fish are likely to be feeding based on exactly when you’ll be fishing. It factors in the tides, wind, and weather to help you quickly see which areas to target throughout the day.

➡ Smart Fishing Spots App

3. Community Reports (live feed)

The Insider Community platform is what you can use to see what is biting near you, and you can get to know other members who fish in your area. Plus, you can use it to keep a log of your catches so you can use past trips to help predict future catches.

➡ Community Platform 

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Steven Free
1 year ago

I noticed fishing on the 9th this past Sat that the smarts app kept showing me the same places to fish that it did in the summer months I fished millcove and although I did pretty good 5 reds and a flounder on my zman spinnerbait with a gulp pearl 4 inch paddletail with a chartruse tail the spots that said were great during the times I fished didn’t even produce a bump for me in fact I didn’t even see any bait activity in the area at all but when I moved to a location that was marked fair to poor I immediately started catching fish and both locations had good tidal flow the last 2 hours of the incoming for the first spot and the first of the incoming for the spot that produced I remember several weeks ago reading a comment from an insider member stating he saw the same thing in fact he said that no matter what time or what tide phase the app for him showed the same spots he was confused and now I am as well although when I used the app the spots did change from great to fair only it seemed like the great spots were fair and the fair spots turned out great for me just goes to show you nothing is perfect my only complaint is when you coaches alot of times say a guaranteed way of doing something in one of your tips or ways of catching fish in a given situation because if you think about it really nothing is guaranteed especially in fishing🤔

1 year ago

Awesome read, in Daytona Beach FL


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