Breaking In A New Boat: First Trip On The New Pathfinder 2400


It’s finally here!

We just got a new bay boat so we can hit some nearshore reefs and take more people out fishing with us.

In this video, Joe, his daughter Shauna, and I are taking it out on the maiden voyage to break in the motor and see if we can put the first fish in!

If you’re considering getting a new boat, you’re going to love this video.

Check it out below!

Breaking In The New Boat [VIDEO]

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Here are a few tips from this maiden voyage:

Tip #1: Break your new motor in properly.

Be sure to read the owner’s manual to learn how to do it correctly for your motor since most will be different.

For this motor, we idled for a bit, then drove around for two hours keeping it under 2,000 RPMs and varying this speed.

Tip #2: Docks are excellent spots for late fall (and really any time of year).

Docks provide food and protection and many of them span across varying depths, so they’re a great spot to find hungry fish.

Tip #3: Enjoy your new boat!

Since we had Joe’s daughter on board with us, we took a little break from power fishing docks to get out and explore some of the nearby islands.

We all had a blast and I’m looking forward to many more trips on this boat!


snook under docks

Family and fish are the best way to break in a new boat!

If you’re getting a new boat soon, be sure to break it in properly so you can enjoy it for a long time.

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Robert A Dyal
11 months ago

where are u located . I love ur fishing area. Thanks!

Tommy Delcambre
1 year ago

Nice rig! I would not have slept a wink the night before the maiden voyage. Anxiety would have consumed me.
I could not tell if you have a keel guard or not but they are certainly worth the investment. Wishing you guys the best of luck with your mac-daddy boat. Go SaltStrong!

Michael Stodard
1 year ago

Awesome Boat! Know ya’ll will get great use from it. For reef fishing – I would highly recommend a bait cutting table – such as the “Multi-System Bait Table” – will mount in one of the rod holders / removable to stow. I tried to insert pictures of mine, but could not get them in the post.
Have fun!!

Bill Utter
1 year ago

Nice boat guys! I know you and Joe were both chomping at the bit to be the one to put the first fish in the boat. I wish you had given Shauna a fishing pole, I was rooting for her! Congrats

Jason Nadler
1 year ago

Just put one of those Xi5 trolling motors on in March…. You are missing out without the NMEA2K connection. I paired it with a Simrad GO9 and I can set all my “trolling” way points (routes)the day before, load them up in the Simrad and that trolling motor will drag me right along that route at my designated speed hands free! Find a hot spot, smash the anchor button! I can also mirror the GO9 on a tablet up front so I don’t have to go back and forth.

Landon Gordon
1 year ago

Great looking boat guys! I am really excited for y’all. I have been a boat mechanic and electronics installer for over 20 years. If you guys have any questions about the boat or other stuff to add onto the boat don’t hesitate to ask. Oh I love the way the half tower is setup. It looks really impressive. Whoever made it did a great job. Anyway you guys enjoy. Here is my email if y’all have any questions or anything else.
Tight Lines and Good Times!

Doug Lindhout
1 year ago

Hey guys, the boat looks great. Do you have trim tabs? If so, spend some time learning what they can do for you. Certainly, they will help a loaded boat get out of the hole quicker, but more important to me, they can really smooth out the ride when the chop is tough. At the point you take it out into rougher water, being able to force the bow down into the waves will smooth out the ride substantially.

Bill Milam
1 year ago

Congrats on the new bay boat. I have had mine for four months and loving it. I would recommend a Jack Plate if you didn’t get one already. It gives me more confidence in the shallows.

Joe Hammond
1 year ago

Congrats on the new boat! Looks fantastic!

David Galloway
1 year ago

Congrats on your new boat, tight lines!


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