The Ultimate Way To Harvest Your Catch (Ike Jime Method)


As anglers, if we are going to harvest fish then we should honor the catch.

And the method of ike jime is a humane way of killing a fish while preserving the meat.

So in this new video from the floor at ICast, you’ll learn:

  • The process of ike jime
  • Why this process is important
  • The tools you’ll need for ike jime
  • And more

Check it out!

The Ike Jime Method [VIDEO]

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The Ike Jime Federation is dedicated to improving the quality of your harvest while giving the utmost respect to your fish.

Ike jime tools will allow the commercial fishing industry to deliver a superior product to the market.

These tools allow you to preserve your catch, prevent degradation of the meat, and give the ultimate honor to the fish that you harvest.

Essentially your harvest will have biochemical superiority because ike jime allows a fish not to experience the chemical consequences of suffocation.

And that stress on a fish has negative effects on the quality of the meat.

The Process Of Ike Jime

Step 1: Stop the release of lactic acid and cortisol by inserting a brain spike into the brain cavity.

This allows a fish not to experience stress.

Step 2: Cut the membrane by the gill plate to bleed and place the fish into water while it bleeds (but not cold water).

This is going to pump out all of the chemicals and bacteria in the blood.

If you leave the blood inside of a fish (any fish), it will begin to rot from the inside and bacteria will start to decompose the fish.

Step 3: Use the wire (circuit breaker) to paralyze the fish by disconnecting the muscles from the central nervous system.

Step 4: Then put the fish into an ice slurry and fully submerge.

Performing the ike jime process makes a world of difference.

As an angler, you are there at the death of the fish and can create a biochemically different product.

To learn more about the Ike Jime Federation, click here.


ike jime

Respect the catch.

That’s the whole principle behind ike jime.

If you honor your harvest and preserve the meat, you’ll end up with a superior product.

Do you have any questions about ike jime?

Have you tried this process before?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Lenny Friedman
1 month ago

The problem is hitting the brain. My experience is fish torture with multiple stabs and no quick death. Any help with locating the tiny fish brain would be appreciated. I may have to dissect the next keeper.

Robert Elliott
9 months ago

Never seen anything explained as well as this the visual experience of the fish model made it
easy to understand what you would actually be doing.Awesome presentation

Thomas Utley
9 months ago

The old saying you can’t teach and old dog a new trick definitely comes to mind here .. I have been fishing my entire life and I’ve never seen or heard of this… However, I try to kill the fish and bleed them as quickly as possible… The wire spanning the length of the spinal cord does make sense … Is this product sold in the Salt Strong Shop/Store…
I would like to try this as the way it was described it makes very good honest sense .. Thank you all for this information … !

salvatore berto
9 months ago

Never had any idea about the nervous system having that effect , that was great stuff .I do have a question though step two is to bleed the fish do you wait for the fish to bleed and then insert the wire or do you cut the gill plate and insert the wire and let it bleed. Thanks for sharing

Last edited 9 months ago by salvatore berto
9 months ago


David Gutierrez
9 months ago

Great vid! Extremely educational and super helpful!!

jamal harvey
9 months ago

As a lover of sushi, I can see how this will benefit the commercial industry. I fish mainly freshwater for now. I know the limit on most freshwater fish is 25 (sandies, cats, and crappie). I can see this with the limited number of salt fish allowed to keep per day. Is there a benefit for fresh too? This will be great to try on the stripers that we have here in North TX.

Cameron Kanner
9 months ago
Reply to  jamal harvey

Hey Jamal, this will absolutely work for freshwater fish as well. Andrew Tsui actually mentioned how striper can taste incredible using this method.

Ron Rudolph
9 months ago

This is a bit different.

Cedric Thompson
9 months ago

Awesome video. Makes perfect sense. I look forward to more instruction on the products and application techniques. This is much more than I have traditionally done for my kept fish; bleeding and ice was my two step process. This concept makes huge improvements in meat quality. This is next level stuff. Great information!

Lorne Hargis
9 months ago

A video of doing the method would have been helpful. I’m sure it takes practice. The comparison picture was interest


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