Johan Attby (FishBrain CEO) Interview

By: Joseph Simonds on March 9, 2015
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First of all, a big Happy Birthday to FishBrain CEO Johan Attby!

We couldn’t have orchestrated this amazing Google Hangout Interview to release on your big day any better!

Secondly, if are you a fisherman or fisherwoman from anywhere in the world, you definitely need to go download the most popular fishing app in the world called FishBrain.

This mobile app is singlehandedly disrupting how fish are caught into the future…and they have made it so incredibly easy to use that everyone from 10 year old anglers to my 91-year old grandfather can use this free fishing app.

Not only that, it is enabling anglers to share (and show off) their catches, and scientifically tell you where and when your best chances are of catching any type of fish in the world.

“Crushing Old Fishing Myths”

One thing that Johan Attby said during this interview that I found incredibly exciting is that one of their goals with FishBrain is to scientifically “Crush old fishing myths” that are outdated…and in many cases flat out wrong.

Probably some of the same fishing myths that many of us (including me) have followed, shared, and incorrectly believed in because it was passed down from generation to generation with no scientific backing.

So we can’t wait to see how big FishBrain grows, and we know they are going to do some amazing things in the fishing world.

Contact FishBrain

1. Go Download the FishBrain app on your phone! Just search for “FishBrain“.

2. Follow them on Instagram as they post some great fishing pics from their users:


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