What This Father Discovered About Faith While Watching His Daughter Dying

By: Joseph Simonds on June 20, 2020
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kris denbesten gracyn's song

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare…

One of your children in the hospital…


But you are helpless.

Nothing you can do but watch and pray…

After countless tests, the doctors tell you that it’s out of their hands… that there is nothing more they can do…

Your precious 9-year old little girl is barely breathing… barely hanging on…

Tubes and wires protruding everywhere…

There isn’t much time left.

How would you handle it?

Would you lose it?

Would you get down on your knees and pray?

Would you ask God for a miracle?

Or would you tell HIM you trust HIM no matter what happens?

I know one thing is for sure…

When faced with a crisis like this, our worldly possessions mean nothing.

Your job…

Your house…

Your car…

Your boat…

None of it matters.

And if you’re anything like Kris, he would have given everything he had (including his own life) for his daughter to come back to life…

This interview below is certainly one of the most powerful testimonies I’ve ever heard.

And I know God had this message hit my heart at a time when I needed it the most (which I why I was teary-eyed for the majority of the time).

I’m hoping this hits home for you too on Father’s Day.

Enjoy (and don’t worry, this story has a happy ending).

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Finally, here’s a really amazing picture of little Gracyn holding her own heart!

Gracyn DenBesten holding her own heart

What an amazing act of God.

Thank you for being part of the Salt Strong family!

To read more about Kris DenBesten and pick up his books, click here now.

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Michael Hutton
10 days ago

Thank you Joe, awesome story of life.
God is good
All the time
when he carries us through the valleys…. we can grow if we keep faith

Alan Spolar
11 days ago

Amazing story of faith,the importance of a Father’s presence and spiritual leadership! Great question Joe on what we do when GOD doesn’t answer our prayer the way we hoped. When GOD says “no” or “not now” has to be the hardest test of our faith. Thanks for sharing.

11 days ago

Love the Fathers Day Message thank you! Been following you guys for a while now and enjoy your tips and research. Always more to learn when it comes to the sport of fishing but same can be said for life. Like others have posted I did not realize you were faith based but as a lover of Jesus it was great to find out. Awesome message regarding work/life balance and timely as we are now grandparents and struggle with our kids now raising their kids but constantly distracted by the phone. Smartphones are more and more a part of our lives and every generation will spend more time multi tasking between their phone and their loved ones. I can’t see this as a good thing and have been guilty of it myself. While I am confessing I will also say that I have prayed to our great Lord for tight lines! Guilty as charged. LOL
With all we use our phones now and the demands of business I believe it is important to spend quality time with kids and your loved ones and assure they know they are more important than that business call. PUT THE PHONES AWAY FOR AWHILE AND ENJOY YOUR KIDS UNINTERRUPTED! Our most important job in this world as Fathers is to be a Dad. Everything else is secondary to that and we can’t forget it. Your message was appreciated and hope you all had a Great Fathers Day.
God Bless


Paul Weeks
12 days ago

Glad to see you sharing the Lord and His great power. You might want to put the plan of salvation on a post to allow those who havent put their trust into the Lord know how to get a relationship with Him.

Thanks so much for all you guys do. I needed your testimony as well.

We do serve a miracle working God even today!!!!!

Gary Weidenhamer
12 days ago

Glad I joined as we get great fishing tips, but also life tips.

Gary Weidenhamer
12 days ago

Loved this Podcast. Always trust God through the good and the bad.

Mike Foy
12 days ago

Thank you for a great Father’s Day message and gift. Having been in similar life/ death situations twice, once with my wife and once when my son Kevin was born, I know I turned to God like never before. I was blessed to have the best possible outcomes both times. But I often wonder what would have become of my faith if the outcome for either or both was unfavorable. Thank you for discussing this fact that it doesn’t ALWAYS have a positive outcome. I’d like to think I would have kept my faith alive if the outcomes were bad, but the truth is I just don’t know. I now spend more time praying for those families who did not have positive outcomes and still have faith. They are my role models, and if I am ever put to the test, I hope to be like them. A lot to digest, but really gets to the true meaning of faith.

Gayle Norris
12 days ago


I had sensed but did not fully understand SaltStrong’s faith based mission until I read this post and watched the video! Fishing to the glory of God and making fishers of men all in one organization. What could be better!?
I’m praising God, and now praying, for your team!

David Johnson
12 days ago

When I joined Saltstrong I thought I was getting a leg up in the fishing community. Never could I have dreamed I was getting God Family and fishing all in one. Thank you so much Joe for sharing! That was amazing! And don’t beat yourself up so bad LOL! We all as fathers wish we could go back and redo a lot of our parenting. Talked with my 93y/o stalwart Christian Dad today and told him how much I loved and appreciated him. He responded by telling me he wished he could go back and do a lot of things different. Funny thing is I can’t think of anything I would want him to change.🙏😊
Keep up the great work Joe. Bama Dave. ( BTW he still fishes.)😄

13 days ago

This is John Buonomo .I’ve been a subscriber and member for right at 3 years now . Somehow I missed the fact that y’all were Godly men . I’ve watched the videos , tried the lures and bought the tackle but never caught on that you boys were “faith driven” believers . I’m not easily sold on gimmicks or “the newest bestest thing , I’m usually pretty skeptical when it comes to people trying to sell me stuff and you guys there at Salt Strong are pretty good at popping up ads and offers just like the best of them . But for some reason , I stuck around , for some reason , there was an honesty I felt with the Simon’s brothers . I’m glad to finally get my head out of the sand and see that you guys are driven by faith and believe in Jesus and walk the “path”.
Awesome Fathers Day message Joe , thank you . I’m glad I stuck it out . Be blessed and Happy Fathers Day fellers !

Last edited 13 days ago by Anonymous
Randal Jones
13 days ago

Joe and Kris, I have 1,000 expressions of gratittude i’d like to express, but I will keep it simple knowing you get exactly what I m saying, on that note…I am so much stronger now. Thank you both so very much!

Lorne Hargis
13 days ago

SaltStrong…more than a fishing club. Glad to be a part. Thank you

Chris Shattuck
13 days ago

Thank you Joe so very much. My wife and I cried!!! Then she said, we gotta buy some salt strong swag!! We love your belief in God, in this world, it’s all we have.

harold haskins
harold haskins
13 days ago

Thanks joe What a great story. Really appreciate you telling the people about this And what God can do I have an interesting story and my financial adviser wrote a book about me. It’s called he should be dead it’s on Amazon and any profits go to her mission in Haiti. My story was when the boat I was on capsized in the ocean and I was drowning. I Stopped being so afraid and asked God to not let me drown and Leave my wife with my ghetto apartment business. I thought I was Going to die every time I went To my buildings.

Michael Sams
13 days ago

Absolutely love this. Thank you for sharing joe. Happy Father’s Day to you and a very Happy Father’s Day to you as well Mr. DenBesten

13 days ago

Robbie Johnson

13 days ago

You no Joe we all make mistakes I know I have definitely made my share of being stupid but when we handle the mistake in the right way we will grow to be a better man and that is what matters we will try not to make same mistakes again I had a day with my youngest son on my boat and said something I shouldn’t have it his feelings I noticed right away he had tears I told I was sorry and give him a hug And rest of the day was fun unfortunately that was not the way growing up so I made a decision with my wife and a pastor that will work at doing the right thing this was before children and after children Iam still learning through my children and now my grandchildren seek GOD everyday and you will be a better person and be a better man thank You for your pod cast and reminding. Me GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME

Troy Bravenboer
13 days ago

Awesome testimony! Amazing what God can do!! Would love to see the name “Jesus” More so people know. Thank you guys for pointing people to the Gospel!