Legal vs Illegal Circle Hooks: What You Really Need To Know


What makes a circle hook a “circle hook”?

And what makes it legal?

What’s the difference between an inline vs. an offset circle hook?

Since some areas require the use of circle hooks while fishing for different species, knowing these answers could mean the difference between coming with dinner or coming home with a fine.

To make sure you’re following the law, check up on your local regulations and then watch this video to see what makes a circle hook a circle hook and the difference between inline vs. offset circle hooks.


Legal Circle Hooks [VIDEO]

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So there you have it!

The difference between inline and offset circle hooks.

Inline circle hooks increase the chance of you hooking a fish in the lips or jaw, which increases their chance of survival when you release them.

Have any questions about circle hooks?

Let me know in the comments below!

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dennis r patnaude
10 months ago

never been here before but really informative thanks for being here and helping others
i will follow from now on.

Justin Rhymer
1 year ago

Great video Tony! Which circle hooks are legal fishing in the Indian River or mosquito lagoon or does it not matter?

Justin Rhymer
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I gotcha. Which ones do you generally stick with for fishing inshore in these areas?

Justin Rhymer
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

I gotcha. Thanks Tony!

1 year ago

A hook’s detail is very small. However, it can make a big difference. Please spend more time talking about hook selection.

1 year ago

Tony, Great information. I did not know. Thank you, Tom Watts, Naples, Fl.

johnny curry
1 year ago

Are octopus circle hooks legal?

Russ Lacoste
1 year ago

You always have interesting and informative videos thanks. Russ @kayakfishingcharleston

Greg_Cindy Batchelor
1 year ago

Good info Tony, thanks!

roy noblin
1 year ago

thank you as i did not know this

Glenn Acomb
1 year ago

Thanks, I did not realize that off-set circles could gut hook.

Frank Maniaci
1 year ago

Great information; I recently changed all my trebles on my lures to circle hooks. Hook ups do far less damage to the fish, and releasing is way faster.


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