3 Steps To Making Your Fishing Equipment Last Longer (& Save Money!)


Sick of your fishing gear getting rusty so quickly?

In this video, I’m going to show you three steps to make your fishing equipment last longer.

It takes less than five minutes and if you do this after every trip, your hooks, jig heads, swivels, and lures will last so much longer.

Ready to save money on fishing gear?

Let’s dive in!

How To Make Your Fishing Gear Last Longer [VIDEO]

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Instead of rushing home to clean your fish or relax on the couch, by taking just a little bit of time to clean your equipment you can drastically decrease rust and corrosion, helping it work better and saving you money on getting new equipment.

Here’s how to do that:

Step 1. Gather all the tools, hooks, jig heads, etc. that you used that day & rinse them off with fresh water

I keep a bottle of water in my truck with me to do this.

You can also do this when you get home, but the quicker you do this, the better it will work.

Step 2. Dry everything off

When you leave water on your gear, it makes it much more likely to rust.

Dry everything off with a rag.

The one thing you don’t want to do is put wet equipment into your tackle box.

Step 3. Apply Clenzoil to your equipment

I like to spray a little bit of Clenzoil onto a rag and then wipe it onto my jig heads, hooks, etc.

This helps against rust and corrosion.

You can get Clenzoil from Amazon here.


All Weedless Spoons

A little bit of care goes a long way to making your fishing equipment last longer.

Just rinse it all off with clean water, dry it, then apply a little bit of Clenzoil.

Have any questions about getting the most out of your fishing gear?

Let me know in the comments below!

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David Stoots
David Stoots
9 months ago

Seems like spraying that stuff on terminal tackle might repel fish? I have been trying to kick the plastic habit, so instead of small bottle of water, I re-fill Nalgen bottles each trip. When one bottle is empty, it becomes the vessel for my “used” lures, hooks and jigs. That way, I am reminded to rinse at the kitchen sink! I leave the lures etc. out overnight to air dry before returning to the tackle boxes.

David Bush
David Bush
9 months ago

Good stuff, Tony. I do the same as Phillip, toss a packet of desiccant into each container. If you need some extra packs, they’re available in quantity from Amazon for not much money. I’ve also gotten into the habit of putting all my used terminal tackle into a separate waterproof Plano box with a pack of desiccant. When I get home I rinse the items in fresh water and let them dry before returning them to a tackle box.

Alan Whitworth
Alan Whitworth
9 months ago

Is Clenzoil something like WD 40???? I have always used WD 40 in the way that you are using Clenzoil.

Tony, what is your position on Real Magic? After my reels dry out, I have been lightly spraying Real Magic on my spools.

Alan Whitworth
Alan Whitworth
9 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thank you Tony. I have ordered a spray can of the Clenzoil Marine product. I will use it on my reel exterior surfaces. I bought it on line for $17.98 a can. It should last quite a while if used sparingly!

9 months ago

Good stuff. One habit I’ve gotten into is saving the silicon packets that come with many products we buy, such as shoes, and place one or two in my tackle boxes to absorb any moisture that might sneak in.


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