Memories That Matter: Saved The Day (Ben Bakas)

“Oh man, how did I get myself in this mess?”

That’s what went through my head.   

Here I am, out on the water with my son, his soccer coach, and his son, after I’d told them I’d take them out to put them on their first redfish, and now I’m having trouble even locating the fish. 

The wind was stronger than we were expecting, so it made for some tough conditions all morning. 

We were getting blown around at all the spots I’d made plans to hit, and that just made it tough. 

Truthfully, I was ready to take the loss, and head in for the ramp with hopes to reschedule because I felt like I’d done everything I could.

But I just kept thinking back to the Finding Spots Mastery Course, and after nothing else had worked, I figured there wasn’t any harm in trying out what I keep hearing Luke say about the types of spots you want to look for. 

I was ready for a Hail Mary and was determined to give one more spot a shot. 

We found a spot that had a little bit better wind protection but had some of the other things I knew to look for.

I found some bait and some birds and it wasn’t long before we all had tight lines, and smiles all around! 

My son’s coach was able to catch a nice 28-inch redfish, his son caught his first redfish, and my son even got a 30-inch fish to show them how it’s done on his home playing field! 

When we landed that fish, you could have heard us yelling for miles! 

We caught probably ten reds in that short time, and I thought the trip was going to be a bust. 

But because of Salt Strong and the things I’ve learned while being a member, I was able to turn it around and have a great time on the water with friends!

It’s one thing to catch fish when you are out by yourself, but it is a whole different story when you can produce with guests and friends onboard.

Again, I can’t say it enough, but what I have learned has made inshore fishing become so much more for me, and something I love to share with friends and family.

Thanks again for your team’s great work.

– Ben Bakas

Coach Travis’ Redfish:

Kevin’s Redfish:

Bryson’s Redfish:

Tanner’s Redfish:

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Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

Awesome example of stopping and analyzing the lay of the land. Hard earned success!


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