Memories That Matter: How Fishing Made A New Extended Family (Andy Huset)

Fishing can bring people together in so many ways. 

It often has the power to form bonds that go much further than cultural divides.

Forming families that extend past blood relations.

I first started taking Alex’s family fishing and on different adventures a while back and it quickly became a bit of a ritual.

We loved being able to spend time with them, always looking for new adventures with both of our families. 

At first, it was a treat with smaller snapper, and small catfish, but the love for fishing was ignited and that was such a joy to see them all enjoy their first catches and other milestones.

They quickly graduated to bigger fish, and bigger fish and it wasn’t long before 10-year-old Alan was pulling in a 27” Jack Crevalle all by himself! 

Now he has quite an interest in fishing and he’s up for fishing with me anytime; day or night.

He has even developed a wall of fishing pictures from our adventures and is quickly filling up the space. 

He became my little fishing partner, and over time and many adventures with Alex and the rest of his family, I became Grandpa Andy, and my lovely wife is Grandma Kwee.

Alex’s other two kids Alexa, 13, and Junior, 9, may not get as much of the rush from fishing as young Alan, but they love the adventures we go on.

They like taking the canoe out and seeing the sights; searching for starfish and sand dollars.

We all just recently got to take a trip to the Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach, Florida and it was such a great time.

We got to see the stingrays, pet them and learn all about them and the manatees. 

After we did that Alan asked what we would do next, so I told him we could walk the boardwalk.

We took a nice walk and enjoyed the sights for a bit, but it came to an end. 

At the end of the boardwalk, Alan looked at me and asked what we were doing next.

I looked at him, asked him what he would like to do… and he looked up at me and said “Can we go fishing with you, Grandpa Andy?”

I laughed and told him of course we could find some time to go fishing.  So before long, he and I have a trip to get after some big ones.

We are quite the ethnic bunch, and you may not be able to tell by looking at us, but we are a family through and through.

The Whole Family:

Fishing Pictures On Display:


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Andy Hong
1 year ago

♥️ this!

Folks like Andy Huset make the Salt Strong community what it is — one big extended family!

I feel lucky to hang out (virtually) with such a caring (and downright hilarious) guy!

andy huset
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy Hong

Venice is less than 600 miles from Pensacola. If your car breaks down half way here, give C.R. a call and maybe the three of us can fish together while his wife works on it!

Reggie Wilson
2 years ago

Andy… as a close neighbor, I often get to see the catch of the day when you get back from your fishing adventures. I see and admire the joy you bring to your extended family. It wasn’t until I read this article that I realized how much joy they bring to you. God blesses those who bless others.

andy huset
2 years ago
Reply to  Reggie Wilson

Thanks Reg, I have found that you truly CAN’T out-give God! (Reggie is a neighbor and one of about 70 people on my group email that I sent this link to.)

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

What a great story! It put a smile on my face reading this. Sounds like you made quite the family there. Well done

andy huset
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

I have over 70 people on a group email that I send to with a lot of widows (and a number of people from various mission trips). The widows all say “Keep sending pictures of the kids – we love to see their smiles!

Matt Lanier
2 years ago

Great story Andy! Thank you so much for sharing!

Keep making those memories!

andy huset
2 years ago
Reply to  Matt Lanier

Thanks for your help in keeping it short and sweet Matt; you done good!

Wade Lawrimore
2 years ago

enjoy it while yall can . they will go there on way one day. mine are gone ,pictures are gone ,all i have my memories . made my day reading this

andy huset
2 years ago
Reply to  Wade Lawrimore

Kwee and I don’t have kids so we have to borrow them. I keep telling Alex to remember these moments now because in ten short years his kids will be gone. I try to make sure he and Alexa are together in a canoe if we take two, and I take the boys. I think it is more important for Daddy/daughter time than Grandpa Andy/Alexa time. They were together for her first shark.


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