“Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” (RANT)

By: Joseph Simonds on December 24, 2019
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merry christmas vs happy holidays

Merry Christmas!

Yep, I said it.

Grab your pitchforks…

Light the torches…

A CEO of an American company said, “Merry Christmas”… PUBLICALLY!!!

Here’s the real question?

Does anyone REALLY get offended by the phrase, “Merry Christmas” on a nationally celebrated holiday called Christmas?

And if so, why?

That’s the topic of debate in this week’s timely Salt Strong UNCHURCHED.

Listen in and give us your feedback in the comments below after you’re done.

Much love from Joe and Pastor Johnny.

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays [VIDEO]

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Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays [PODCAST]

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And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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David Johnson

Joe and Luke when I joined Salt Strong I had no clue You guys were fellow TRANSPARENT Christians. It is the best of both worlds. After all, Jesus IS the worlds greatest fisherman, which is the title of a devotional I do for our kids in Fishing, Faith, and Fun, a faith based fishing school we do for kids at Idlewild. Starting up again Jan, 6th. Keep up the great work you guys! Bama Dave

Timothy Hall

Yep, I agree, but y’all are a little too long winded.

Capt. Guy Spear
Capt. Guy Spear

Jesus Christ IS the reason for the season. Of course I say “Merry Christmas “. If that offends you please feel free to take a hike.