Top 2 Lures To Rig On Mustad Weighted Grip Pin Hooks


If you’ve ever struggled rigging a Z-Man lure on an Owner TwistLock hook…

Or if you’ve ever torn up a lure trying to rig it on a Mustad Weighted Grip Pin hook, then this video is for you!

Mustad Weighted Grip Pin hooks are great hooks to rig your lures weedless, but they’re only great for some lures.

They can easily tear up lures that are made out of a softer material, so in this video, you’ll learn my top two favorite lures to use with these hooks.

Check it out below!

2 Lures To Rig On Mustad Grip Pin Hooks [VIDEO]

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Since the weight needs to go through the lure, Mustad Weighted Grip Pin hooks are best for lures that are made out of a really tough material.

Namely, lures that are made out of Z-Man’s ElaZtech material or TPE.

These lures include:

You can also get away with rigging standard soft plastics, like the Alabama Leprechaun, on these hooks, but you need to be careful because they aren’t as tough.

And a final note about using Grip Pin hooks: go a little heavier on the weight if you’re using a Z-Man or TPE lure because those materials are more buoyant.

If I’d normally use a 1/16 oz. weight in the shallows for a standard soft plastic, I’d step it up to a 1/8 oz. weight when using a buoyant lure with a Grip Pin.

You can get the Mustad Weighted Grip Pin Hooks from our shop here.

Have any questions about them?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Shane Wilson
1 month ago

Tony, I have experienced tearing when using soft plastics and pushing the bait over the weight. I now take the hook and go underneath the bait and push the hook through from the bottom out through the front of the plastic. Then, I remove the hook and push the eye of the hook through the hole entering from the bottom and out the front. This way it keep me from sliding the bait over the weight.

Brandon L
2 months ago

, I use similar hooks, and on the softer plastics, I start to rig the same as you, but after pushing the hook-point through the nose, I pull it back out, then run the eye of the hook through the bottom of the nose, and through the front (like, in reverse). This prevents the weight from damaging the nose. Try it on the less tough plastics, I think you’ll really like the limited damage it causes (the only difference is, you have to rig the lure on the hook before tying). I get a few ready the night before.

Brandon L
2 months ago
Reply to  Brandon L

Just noticed it’s already been discussed. 🤦🏼‍♂️

James Sheehan
2 months ago

Tony, with the Power Prawns (or any artificial shrimp), do you prefer a jig head so they sink head first or do they do fine with a weighted worm hook like these Mustads?

Richard Fiorentino
2 months ago

I Try to keep it simple. Twist locks with everything except Zman and Power Prawn, which get Mustads

Robert Glenn Phillips
2 months ago

Could you wipe something slick on the weight, such as one of the scents ?

Rick Daniel
2 months ago

Hi Tony,
Assuming gulp baits are too soft for this hook?

2 months ago

Just saw the other comments! Same idea.

2 months ago

Have you considered making a path for the grip pin hook in the soft baits without running the complete hook through the bait; just make a path with the hook then remove it and insert the eye?

2 months ago
Reply to  Erik

Thats what I do

Dave B
2 months ago

Tony, Instead of shoving the entire weight on the Mustads thru from the nose of the hook, I figure where it’s coming out the bottom and just push the eye of the hook thru from the bottom after making a smart hole Ruth the hook point first!

LArry sumit
2 months ago
Reply to  Dave B
  • What?
Ken Wierzbicki
2 months ago

Did you ever try to poke a pitot hole through the nose, then thread it over the eye end to avoid going over the weight and ripping the softer plastics?


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