What Is An Octopus Hook? (And When Should You Use One?)


Have you ever wondered what an octopus hook is?

You’re not alone.

(And no, they’re not meant for catching octopus with.)

Octopus hooks are made for a very specific reason and in this video, I’m going to explain what an octopus hook is and when the best time to use them is.

Ready to finally learn what an octopus hook is?

Watch the video below.

What Is An Octopus Hook? [VIDEO]

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Octopus hooks are like circle or j hooks, except that the eye is bent backwards.

This is so that if you’re snelling the hook, the line can go straight down to the backside of the shank.

However, the tip of the hook is at the same angle as the eye, so that even if you tie a knot directly to the eye, it will still effectively hook into a fish’s mouth.

Have any questions about octopus hooks, when they’re used, or any other types of hooks?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Justin Bradburn
1 year ago

I love offset eye hooks for live bait fishing. The traditional snell knot is the strongest knot there is for tying a hook to your line. It’s diifficult to master though.

1 year ago

WHY is it called “octopus”?!

Lila Dans
1 year ago


What are you feelings about red circle or octopus hooks?



Eric Schoenback
2 years ago

Maryland Chesapeake Bay, you can only use non offset circle hooks. Would I get in trouble for using a non offset octopus circle hook?

Tim Methven
2 years ago

I really like octopus hooks byI really like octopus hooks But when I use them on pilcher and hook through the nose the hook point comes back and sometimes hooks itself into the fish so when I get the bite the point of the hook is not exposed and I don’t get a hookup. Can you advise me on what to do. Life’s good Tim

James Williamson
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

It’s all in how you originally tied the hook onto the line. This will ensure if you get a good hook set it not. Refresh your knowledge in hoe to tie a proper snell knot (YT vids).

Forest Duncan
2 years ago

Tony, I use this type hook for sheepshead fishing, believing I get a better hookset when vertical fishing. Would you agree?

2 years ago

Tony, I use this type hook for sheepshead fishing, believing I get a better hookset when vertical fishing. Would you agree?

Rick Daniel
3 years ago

What about some applications for the octopus hook?


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