Tips For Inshore Gag Grouper & Quick Ways To Know If A Flat Has Redfish

How to go from working at a bait shop, to being a fishing guide, to having your own fishing show. Capt. Tyler Kapela has worked his way up and in this...
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Redfish, Trout, and Snook Spot Comparisons [Spot Analysis Member Request – Flamingo, FL]

In this video, I will be taking a look at some territory in Flamingo, FL (Everglades) and discussing what to look for, along with some...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Corey Stockman

Huge shoutout to Corey Stockman for being a high school fishing coach and sharing fishing with the next generation. Listen to this interview with him as...
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Winter Inshore Fishing Strategies (Snook, Trout, Redfish & Sheepshead)

Winter fishing can be some of the best fishing all year, as long as you know the right winter strategies. In this post we'll show you the best winter...
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This Is One Of The Easiest Way To Catch A Bunch Of Spanish Mackerel

Many spanish mackerel come into our inshore waterways in the winter months, and the proven method shown in this report shows a very easy way to catch them.
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How An Ex-Bass Angler Is Now Winning Inshore Saltwater Awards

Can you imagine going from nearly quitting fishing (because you keep getting skunked), to placing in tournaments and winning awards? That's exactly what...
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Insider Report: Revisiting an Area Under Different Conditions [Results + Map Analysis]

On this trip (Late Fall) I re-visited an area I fished back in July (Summer). Conditions were a bit different with cooler water temps and...
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Simple Tip For Catching Picky Fish (Works With Live Bait Or Lures)

Have you ever found yourself in a school of feeding fish, but they just don't want to bite your lure? This video will show you how to catch those picky fish
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Redfish, Trout, Snook, & Flounder (FALL & WINTER)

Quitting fishing for the winter? This can be one of the best times to catch fish! Check out this podcast to learn the best spots, lures, and tactics for...
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7 Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Inshore Spinning Rod

Looking to get a new fishing rod? Check out these 7 tips to help you choose a high-quality rod that is well-made, while avoiding defective rods.
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Locating Warm Water Sources for Winter Fishing [Spot Dissection Crystal River/Homosassa, FL]

In this Spot Dissection, we will be discussing 2 “special” types of areas to look for inshore fish in the winter time. These are spring...
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This Is The Easiest Sign Of A Good Feeding Zone During The Winter Months

This report highlights a trusted sign of a good feeding zone that is the easiest to spot from a distance during the winter months.
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New Hack For Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks

Struggling to rig Z-Man lures on Owner TwistLock hooks? Check out this simple hack that makes rigging these lures so much easier!
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These Flounder Fishing Tips Could Be The Best Ever!!!

Do you want to see one of the all-time best flounder rigs and techniques for catching flounder anywhere from shore, flats, or jigging? Then you've got to see this!
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Z-Man: Mark Zona On Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Big Fish

The Z-Man is in the house! Check out these amazing fishing tips and stories from a TV show host who started fishing tournaments when he was 9 years old!
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