GULP Juice: Does It Work With Non-GULP Fishing Lures?

Does putting non-Gulp lures in Gulp juice help catch more fish? Check out this video where we tell you the answer and why.
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On the Water Tactics for Fishing Potholes for Quality Fish [Insider Report]

In this trip report you will find some great tips for targeting quality fish in potholes on the grass flats. What to look for and how to approach is key!
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4 Tips To Catch An Inshore Slam After A Cold Front [Double Slam Trip]

Want to catch a wintertime slam? This video shows you exactly what types of areas to fish, what lures to use, how to retrieve them and more!
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[New Mini-Course] Post-Cold Front Fishing Secrets (On The Water)

Check out this mini-course for how to catch fish the day after a cold front.
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The BIG Misconception To Mastering Fishing (That Hurts Most Fishermen)…

Hate getting skunked? Check out this conversation between the Salt Strong brothers about the biggest misconceptions when it comes to mastering fishing.
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How To Select The Best Inshore Lure For Every Scenario [PDF Cheat Sheet]

With all the lures out there, how do you decide which one to use? Check out this PDF cheat sheet to help you decide which lure to use in every scenario!
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Choosing The Best Fishing Rod For Each Lure (With Capt. C.A. Richardson)

Are using the right rod for your artificials? Check out this quick tip from Capt. C.A. Richardson to make sure you're getting the most out of your rod.
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These 3 Lures Can Entice Even The Laziest Bass To Strike In The Winter

Want to catch more bass this winter? Check out this article for the 3 best winter lures, plus the key to getting bass to strike in the winter.
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5 Keys To Catching Snook From Shore This Winter

Want to catch more snook this winter? Check out these tips for finding backcountry creeks and what to use to catch wintertime snook, tarpon and redfish.
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Spot Dissection: Finding Potholes for Reds and Trout + Flounder Tips [Piney Island/Shell Point Beach, FL]

Do you want to know which types of potholes you should target to find fish? In this Spot Dissection, I will be break down which...
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This Is How You Fish The Shallows In A Bay Boat Without A Trolling Motor!

Is it possible to fish the shallows in a bay boat without a trolling motor? Check out this post for tips for having success even during bad tides.
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Bay Boat Without Trolling Motor Trip Report [Post-Trip Analysis]

This fun trip was an example of what to do when fishing shallow inshore waters from a bay boat without the convenience of a trolling motor.
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5 Steps To Take Amazing Fish Pictures

Love showing off your catch? Check out this post to learn how to take the perfect fish picture on your kayak, paddleboard or even boat. Enjoy!
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3 Tips To Catch Redfish & Snook Before A Cold Front When Paddle Fishing

Want to catch more redfish and snook? Check out these tips to fishing the backcountry on a windy day before a cold front.
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Is This The End Of Facebook Fishing Groups?

Is the end of Facebook fishing groups near? Check this out for our take the current state of Facebook fishing groups and what's coming in the future.
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