Spot Dissection: Identifying Ideal Redfish and Trout Areas [Bay St. Louis, MS)

Do you want to know what types of areas you should be targeting depending on if you are looking for trout or redfish? In this...
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How To Avoid A Big Redfish Breaking Your Line At The Bail

Hate getting broken off? Check out this post for tips on how to prevent breakoffs at the bail by following these three easy steps.
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Living On An Island For 31 Days (And What I Discovered About Fishing)

Want to catch more inshore slams? Check out the story of how I lived on an island for 31 days with my brother and transformed into a complete angler.
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The “Last Second” Fishing Trip Strategy [Exploring Biscayne Bay]

Want to see my three tricks to finding productive fishing spots last second? Then check out this recent trip to Biscayne Bay (and see what I caught).
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Biscayne Bay Fishing Report & Spot Dissection [Community Report]

I finally had a chance to fish in Biscayne Bay, and it sure was a fun even though it was brief and I had very little time to plan for it. Trip details here.
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Snook Fishing Secrets From One Of The Best Snook Experts In The World

Want to catch more snook? Check out the 5 keys to catching more snook from legendary snook angler Capt. Bill Moore. Tight lines!
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Spot Dissection: Multi-Stucture Areas for Constantly Changing Weather Patterns [South Padre Island, TX]

Do you want to know what types of areas can be ideal for constantly changing weather patterns? In this Spot Dissection, I will be giving...
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5 Steps To Quickly Replace Treble Hooks With Split Ring Pliers [VIDEO]

Want to see some ninja ways to use split ring pliers to quickly replace your treble hooks? Then check out this new video tutorial. Tight lines.
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Tailing Redfish and Black Drum in Murky Water [Insider Report]

On this trip I found some large redfish and black drum tailing in some very murky water. Check out the full report!
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Independent Review Of Inshore Fishing Reels [Best Overall & Best Value]

After testing many different reels, I now save over $100 per reel with hardly any performance loss. This video shows the top value reels to save you $$$.
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Fishing With Lawson Lindsey (Slob Snook, Pompano, Sheepies, & More)

Have you seen this guy Lawson Lindsey on YouTube yet? He's absolutely killing it! And we just had him on the show to talk all about fishing. Enjoy
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How To Fish Shallow Backwater Creeks [Real Time Example from St. Petersburg, FL]

Want to see one of the best ways to target redfish, snook, and trout during the winter? Then check out this backwater creek fishing trip! Enjoy!
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SUP Fishing Backwater Creeks For Trout, Redfish, & Snook [Insider Club Report]

This club report shows a dissection of the backwater creek that I explored including tips on how to most effectively plot out an exploration trip.
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How To Catch BIG Bull Redfish This Winter (VIDEO)

Want to see how the full-time guides catch big bull redfish in the dead of winter? Then check out this awesome new tip from Capt. Peter Deeks.
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How To Catch Boatloads Of Shad This Winter (Florida Edition)

Want to catch a ton of the "freshwater tarpon" known as shad this year? Then check out these tips on catching shad fast. Tight lines!
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