How To Keep Sand Fleas Alive An Extra 3-5 Days (POMPANO FISHING)


It’s Pompano Fishing Time!

Which also means it’s sand flea time (the best overall pompano bait by a longshot in our opinion).

Of course, one of the bad things about sand fleas is keeping them alive.

It’s not like most of us how sand flea pins (like we do bait pins) sitting next to our dock.

But we recently went out to film Pompano Mastery with land-based fishing expert Joey Antonelli, and he shared some amazing tips on everything from how to pick out the best beach to how to make the perfect pompano rig (you can see the full pompano course here).

And one thing he revealed during the course was so unique that we had to share it with you…

It’s how he keeps sand fleas alive for upwards of 5 to 6 days in his garage.

The best news is that anyone can do it.

Check it out below.

The Sand Flea Trick

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That’s pretty cool, huh?

Now you know how many of the tackle stores keep their sand fleas alive so long.

It’s as simple as keeping them in a small bucket with holes and then placing that bucket over a larger bucket with some ice on the bottom (but not actually touching the ice or they will die).

And then make sure to wash them off with saltwater at least once per day.


Any other tips you have on keeping sand fleas alive?

Let us know in the comments.

P.S. – If you want to see the full Pompano Mastery Course with Joey Antonelli, click here to see the special offer he made for you.

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Steve Weston
4 years ago

I’ve heard you can parboil and freeze them and they will still be good bait. Obviously, not as good as live bait but effective just the same.

Tony Daniel
5 years ago

that was a great video tip on sand fleas keeping them alive in Norfolk Va. grate tip to know when I go fishing in the outer banks Nc.

Richard Boettcher
5 years ago

Great idea, got buckets for them today. Where would Sand fleas be in the Bradenton , Manatee County Area ?.

Robert Douglas Tittl
5 years ago

are sand fleas in the surf of south texas (corpus christi area)?

roy noblin
5 years ago

great tip


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