Popping Cork Maintenance: Making Your Popping Corks Last Longer

By: Joseph Simonds on November 15, 2019
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popping cork maintenance tips

When you’re fishing for big fish, your tackle is going to take a beating.

And when you’re using popping corks, the center wire can often bend, making it more difficult for them to rattle and make that fish-attracting clacking sound.

When this happens, these corks are drastically less effective at attracting fish.

Watch the video below for a quick tip on how to fix that.


Popping Cork Maintenance [VIDEO]

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Has this ever happened to your popping corks?

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Steven Free
7 months ago

Ok I would think that tip is a no brainer but even though I use popping corks very little I have found certain brands use wires in them that are flexible and don’t bend they bend but then they spring back in shape again brands like terminator that uses the same kind of wire in making there spinnerbaits as in there popping corks