Popping Corks VS. Slip Floats (What’s The Difference?)


Popping corks vs slip floats: what’s the difference?

In this video, we’ll go over the function of each rig including how and where you would want to fish either.

Take a look below!!

Popping Corks VS Slip Floats [VIDEO]

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Popping Corks

Most of you have seen what a popping cork is and maybe even fished with one.

They are an excellent tool for inshore anglers and work phenomenally when you need your bait to stand out from the rest.

Popping corks really allow you to call fish in and grab their attention to trigger strikes.

However, the limitation with popping corks is the depth at which you are fishing is fixed.

Popping corks are excellent for fishing flooded structure and flats where you only need about 2-3 feet of leader.

If you are fishing deeper than 4 feet, that’s when I would make the switch to a slip float rig.

Slip Floats

Slip floats are the go-to when fishing for suspended fish or if you’re fishing in deep holes near creek bends or deepwater docks.

There may be situations where your bait needs to get down to 8-10 feet and this is the rig for that.

It doesn’t make as much noise as a popping cork but because you’re fishing in deeper water it does not have a major impact.

The Pros & Cons

You can cast popping corks as far as the eye can see!

Typically you can avoid hang-ups with popping corks as well.

Also, popping corks are something I reach for first on super windy days.

It keeps your bait down in the water column while also battling the waves and creating noise to attract strikes.

On the other hand, slip floats have a tendency to wrap and get tangled.

You can mitigate this with the right casting technique and make sure you have the right type of rod.

Too short or too stiff of a fishing rod can cause the entire system to tangle.

One of the best rod options out there that I always use on popping corks or slip floats is the TFO Pro S Medium or Medium-Heavy depending on the weight of the popping cork or slip float.


catch fish in a new area with a popping cork

If you commonly fish in dirty, murky water, then either popping corks or slip floats should become a part of your arsenal.

They are effective and help you catch more fish in tricky situations.

Is there a specific time in that you would use one of these rigs over the other?

Let me know down in the comments section below!!

Finding The Fish Help

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William Fishburne
9 months ago

is there any situation where you use a weedless hook on either set up?

jamal harvey
1 year ago

From freshwater crappie fishing, I have tried out slip bobbers when fishing pier pilings from the bank. I lucked up and caught a few sheepshead but I have never tried it with a lure for reds. I have not tried a slip bobber using braid though. I have changed to 15-20# on my spinning setups. Ill give it a try.

Leon White
1 year ago

What’s a good slip float and popping cork

frank marinucci
1 year ago


Echoing comments below on making a video showing how to rig a slip float with the heavy weight such as you had in this video along with casting and retrieving.

I learn so much from you guys!


Eric Knutson
1 year ago

Please make a casting video for both the slip float and popping cork. Thanks

1 year ago

Do a video on using a slip float. Thank you

Ken Lemmond
1 year ago

Hottest thing going in Brunswick and the Golden Isles is Harper Super Strikers. They look like a typical non adjustable popping cork but have a bead and stopper knot mechanism. Created by a local kid named Travis Harper. Best of both worlds!!!

Curtis Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Lemmond

I have been building my own that work the same way. Like the looks of this one. On order. Thanks for the info.

1 year ago

Thank you Richard. Another informative and professional presentation.

Michael Ashley
1 year ago

Thanks for the info Richard! I use a slip float set up to fish the shallow, rocky waters in the Yankeetown area, so I can adjust the bait height in the water column without retying. I will use a longer leader and try it in some of the deeper channels during wintertime. Great tip Richard!!!

1 year ago

I took my sister and b-in-law fishing last month. We were drifting 3-5 foot grass flats with shrimp. My wife and I had popping corks and my sister and b-in-law had slip bobbers set to the same depth as our popping corks. We had all the action and they didn’t hardly get a bite!


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