Does Pro-Cure Gel Work on Gulp Baits?

By: Tony Acevedo on March 25, 2019
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It’s Gulp time!

I love using Gulp baits because they’re proven to catch fish.

Because of their smell, fish are more attracted to them, especially in dark or murky water, where they may not be able to see as well.

Pro-Cure gel allows you to add scent to non-scented products, so you can get the same effect.

But what if you use Pro-Cure gel on a Gulp bait?

Does more smell = more fish?

Check out the video below for the answer.

Does Pro-Cure Gel Help Gulp Baits? [VIDEO]

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Oil-based vs. Water-based Lures

procure gel on gulp products

Pro-Cure gel actually does not help with Gulp products.

Since Gulp products are water-based products, and the gel is oil-based, and water and oil don’t mix, the gel simply slides right off the Gulp lure (although you can see that a little bit has stuck to the hook).

However, for products that are oil-based, such as Z-man, DOA or Slayer lures, Pro-Cure sticks on very well.


Pro-Cure gel doesn’t help with Gulp products, although it does stick to non-gulp products well.

Do you use Pro-Cure gel?

What are your experiences with it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Raleigh Thomas

Great video, thought about using Pro Cure on Gulps, and glad I didn’t waste my time! The tip below about using pipe cleaners to hold scent is awesome! I’m going to try that with some bucktails. Using a piece wrapped to the hook under the bucktail material should REALLY make it stick and last a long time, versus washing out of the hair material. Thanks!


Heya Tony, I’ve been doing this little trick for years. Take a pipe cleaner and make one rap around your jig (just behind the head) and twist it nice and tight. Then snip it off just Past the twist, cut it off, and bend it over. Now simply apply your gel to the fuzzy pipe cleaner and use gulp or any other soft plastic. I’ve found it stays put and lodged in the fuzz better than just putting it on ANY soft plastic. I also do this with the bucktails I use with good success. Try it. You’ll like it.
Keep them drags sceamin’!