How To Rig The New Gold Digger Paddletail To Catch More Fish


Introducing GOLD DIGGER!

This darker profile, 3.5 inch paddletail will be your new go-to lure for dirty and murky water scenarios.

The black body with gold flakes perfectly mimics finger mullet or mud minnow.

Fish pick up on contrast and silhouette really well and we did a ton of research to come up with this color combination.

Check this out to learn more about Gold Digger & the best ways to rig it:

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We recommend these jigheads to pair with Gold Digger:

When fishing around structure or if you need a weedless application, the Owner Twistlock is perfectly paired with Gold Digger.

This is also great for fishing shallow water (less than 2ft water), grass flats, around docks, and oyster bars.

The Trout Eye Jig Head works well around potholes and oyster bars.

And since this paddletail is a 2.0, you can take off the tail and use it as a jerk shad.

Have any questions about how to rig Gold Digger or when to use it?

Leave us a comment below!

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Willie Dickerson
1 month ago

Thanks Justin. I am waiting on mine to come in. With the water color and salinity issues we have had for 2 months now around Galveston, TX area, I think this going to be a hot color.

Jonathan Getz
1 month ago

I agree. I’m in the same area, so I’m going to give these a shot.

Jonathan Getz
1 month ago

Justin: I’m going to give these a shot considering the dirty water we have on the Texas upper coast.

However, I noticed that there is negative review on the product page due to defective material/process. I implore you to please make this right with that buyer. Please disregard if that problem has been resolved.

Steven Free
1 month ago

Yea I found 2 paddletails similar in color the first 1 by chasebaits in a color they call blood gold it had gold flakes in it and is very similar in color and kind of a coincidence both the zman and chasebaits make most of there baits with the new tough plastics but the new chasebaits blood gold and now the zman gold digger both are not made of the tough plastics but one thing I do like about the plain plastic is you can dye the tail chartreuse where as the new tough plastic baits do not take well to the spike it glo chartreuse dye and I always dye my tails chartreuse for the usually muddy waters I fish in here in northeast fl Jacksonville area I liked your tip on taking the 2.0 and lining it up with the bomber and cutting the bomber for the bigger sized tail it was a winner for flounder I bought some packs of the new gold digger and am going to give them a try this Fri evening and night and sat morning thanks for the tip and all you do😁

Steven Free
1 month ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Oh yea almost forgot the other paddletail is one called black and gold by gulp but doesn’t really have gold flakes in it thanks

Jerry Dexter
1 month ago

Thanks, Justin

Patrick Coblentz
1 month ago

I need some of them

Justin Hargrave
1 month ago

I’ll be giving these a shot in south Louisiana soon!

Brian Cadena
1 month ago

Using them tonight for first time for next few days. Just not on my kayak.


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