How To Choose The Right Type Of Tackle Tray (To Save Time & Money)


Are you storing your lures in the right type of tackle tray?

If you’re not, you could risk ruining your lures (and wasting lots of money).

Believe it or not, some tackle trays will actually cause your lures to melt, and some will cause your lures to rust.

In this video, you’ll learn about the two most popular trays and what type of lures they’re best for, plus a hybrid type of tray that I’ve been using recently.

If you want to take good care of your tackle, make it last longer, and make it easier to access on the water, you’re going to love this video.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Tackle Tray [VIDEO]

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Here are the three different types of tackle trays:

Compartment-Style Tackle Tray

These trays are designed for hard plastics like topwater lures and crankbaits with their tab-divided compartments.

Quality trays of this type will have rubber rings around the rim to keep saltwater out.

They’re usually not designed for soft plastics because the compartments are too small for bags of soft plastics and if you put soft plastics in there without the bag, you’ll regret it.

The best-case scenario is the oils and scents will make it smell bad and the worst-case scenario is the lure reacts with the tray and melts.

Soft Plastic Tackle Tray

Tackle trays designed for soft plastic lures will have larger compartments for bags of soft plastics and smaller compartments for terminal tackle like hooks and jigs.

Most of these trays don’t have rubber rings to protect saltwater from getting inside, so be careful with putting hooks or hard plastics in them.

Flambeau Tackle Tray

The Flambeau tackle tray is sort of a hybrid of the two types of trays mentioned above.

It has small, medium, and large compartments for hooks and jig heads, hard plastic lures, and bags of soft plastics.

It has a rubber ring around the rim to prevent saltwater from getting inside.

And, most impressively, the plastic it’s made of has a rust-inhibiting solution injected in it so it will actually prevent rust from occurring.

You can get the Flambeau tackle tray from our shop here.


wyatt redfish

Make sure to keep your hard plastic lures in trays that are waterproof to prevent rust, and keep your soft plastics in the bags they come in to prevent them from melting.

I’ve been using the Flambeau rustproof tackle tray that is great for all types of lures and have been loving it.

Have any questions about choosing the right type of tackle tray?

Let us know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who is sick of their lures rusting or melting, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Sam Craparo
1 year ago

Purchased the Plano soft plastic storage box and found it useful. Agree it should be sealed and would purchase one if redesigned. Have down sized from soft side tackle box to an “ammo” style waterproof container. Fits that storage box plus additional Plano 3600 with plenty of room for pliers, cutters, leader and more. Carry top water, suspension, sinking lures, spoons bucktails and more. Still probably use less than ten percent of what I take.

Steven Rackas
1 year ago

Very good information Wyatt. You and Tony seem very organized. I would be interested in seeing a video of what you would put in the tray you described for an all-purpose inshore beginners’ angler. I also would like to see if Salt Strong could build a beginner, intermediate and advanced tray and sell it on the website.

Steven Free
1 year ago

I have a great tip that works for me and always has in that if you have anything metal stored in any tackle box as long as it’s sealed properly and not exposed to saltwater those little dry crystal packets found in pill bottles or things bought to keep dry put at least 1 packet in with your hooks or hard lures and it will keep them dry and free from rust and after a couple months change them out a lit cheaper then buying these specialty tackle boxes that are usually expensive and will fail if exposed to salt air or water it’s all about taking care of what you have a little wash with fresh water and air dry will work just as well as any expensive so called rust and moisture proof box if its not used well doesn’t matter how good the item is it will fail thanks for the tip


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