How To Save Money On Braided Fishing Line (And Make It Last Longer)

By: Tony Acevedo on June 29, 2020
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save money on fishing line

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to buy more braided line, but instead made the line you already have last longer?

There’s an easy way to do that!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to flip your braid so that it’s like new, and so that you can double its lifespan.

When you go fishing, you’re really only using a fraction of the line that’s on your reel.

The top half is getting beaten up and doing all the work, while the half closest to the spool is largely unused and like new.

And when the top half starts to get a little bit frayed, or even just faded in color, you might think that you need to get rid of it all and put on a new spool.

However, if you do that, you’re wasting all of the like-new braid that’s on the inside of the spool.

Watch the video below to see how to make the most of your fishing line by flipping your braid.

How To Save Money On Fishing Line [VIDEO]

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When you flip your braid, the line that was once the outside of the reel is now on the inside, and the line that was on the inside is now on the outside.

The fresh line that’s been protected close to the spool is now ready to finally be deployed and take on some of the heat from the big fish you’re about to catch.

Here’s what you need to do flip your braid:

  • Two empty spools
  • Drill
  • ~2.5″ Bolt
  • 1 nut
  • 2 washers

Here’s how to flip your braid:

  1. Secure one of the spools onto the bolt using washers on each side of the spool and a nut on the bottom side to keep it in place.
  2. Take the cap off of the spool on your reel to remove pressure on your drag system.
  3. Use the drill to spin one of the empty spools and take line off of your reel and onto the spool.
  4. Put the bolt, nut, and washers on the remaining empty spool, put it on the drill, and spin it to put the line on this other spool.
  5. Put the line from the second spool (where the used braid is on top) back onto your reel so that the unused braid is now on top.


save money on fishing line

Flipping your braid will help you get the most out of every spool and save money.

Have you ever flipped your braid?

Have any questions about it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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1 day ago

Great idea !!!!!

1 day ago

Great tip!

I did something similar, fed the old line onto another reel.

Bruce Hagedorn
2 days ago

What is the purpose of the “backing” line you mention. I have always just tied my braid directly to the spool. Am I doing something wrong?

David Cass Jr
3 days ago

I often take braid straight from one spool to another. Instead of unspooling, respelling and the spooling onto the destination spool. But, of course this is only possible with an spool with backing or smaller capacity.
I like this idea, thanks!

Patrick Harrington
3 days ago

I do two additional things that help with this process. First I use a small tab of electrical tape to hold the line on the spool until there are enough wraps to hold the line. Second, I always cut out at least 20ft of the used braid to make sure I wont lose a fish if I get spooled to the backing.

Malcolm Hayward
4 days ago

Greets, Joe.

The word from Mark Smith of Charkbait.
Ensure the abrasions are taken on a fluoro leader, some 25+ yards.
Flip you’re line after two to 5 years depending on useage.

You’ll probably never do that but upgrade a generation instead.
Power Pro to Hollow Ace say.
Always like the Vermilion on a boat myself. No one else used it.
Charkbait’s own spliceable 20 and 30lb white, are favourites of mine.
Splicing is good for the soul.

With this thinner stuff, splice in tapered casting leaders.
De Rigeur in Europe.


Malcolm Hayward.

4 days ago


Steve Anderson
4 days ago

Excellent video Tony and the fast forward sections were appreciated. I do the same thing with two empty reels but I think your method is easier, more efficient and easier to ensure the the line lays properly when completed. Next time I’ll be using your method. Thanks.

4 days ago

I’ve always kept two old reels to do this. Never thought of using the spools.

4 days ago

Simple enough, great rainy day project.

James Rahn
4 days ago

Awesome idea! Thank you.

4 days ago

Good tip. I live in a rural area so I just go in a grassy area and walk the line off the spool leaving it extended on the grass then I retire it back on and spook it up. Same thing minus the drill and the air conditioning.

Jose Odriozola
4 days ago

Hi Tony good information as always. Can I use my old 20 lb braided line as backing for my new 10 lb braided line?

Jerry Collins
4 days ago

Nice idea, doesn’t it contradict earlier articles from SaltStrong about taking approx. 100-150 yards of line off (cut it) and splice new line onto the bedding line to replace the used line periodically, based on usage. In some cases it is an argument for using Hollow Core Braided line to facilitate changing the line.

Luke Simonds
4 days ago
Reply to  Jerry Collins

It’s not a contradiction… just a different method of saving money with braid.

This method is best for fishermen who rarely ever retie and don’t lose much line before they want new line up top at the business end because it does not replinish line that was lost while being used.

The 100-yard splice method is better if line was lost while being used and/or if the fisherman would rather have a braid-to-braid knot on unused line 100 yards into the spool vs. a braid to mono backing 150+ yards deep with used line above it.

Torrance West
4 days ago

Awesome tip, Great share Tony!

John Mitchell
4 days ago

Great tip Tony, That will save some money thank you sir.

Jason Carr
4 days ago

Call me a noob, but why do you use backing? And is it some special kind of line?

Andre Pollard
4 days ago
Reply to  Jason Carr

Braid is slick and may turn on the spool. Mono backing holds to the spool and prevents that.

Jason Carr
3 days ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thank you Andre and Tony for the Info. Much appreciated. I spent most of my years fishing in California for Stream and lake trout. This is all new for me!

John Di Giacomo
John Di Giacomo
4 days ago

Great idea

Cody Selph
4 days ago

Awesome video Tony make sense and saves money I’m in..

Mike Vaughn
4 days ago

I thought maybe buy an extra spool for your reel and just wind it on there!! Maybe less hassle 🎣🎣🎣

Luke Simonds
4 days ago
Reply to  Mike Vaughn

That’s the quickest way to do it since you can do it all in one step. The problem is that most reels don’t come with an extra spool anymore. And most tackle stores don’t sell extras either, so they are not easy to find unless searching online.

Rob Bordelon
4 days ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

If you have one extra reel you can just reel it off the old reel. Makes sense in my head haha!

Robert Bigelow
4 days ago

Haha I have the exact same rig for unspooling line that I made.. Its a bolt and 2 washers and nuts to hold the spool. I’ve never seen anyone else do that. It works perfectly. Great post Tony