How To Save Money On Braided Fishing Line (And Make It Last Longer)


Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to buy more braided line, but instead made the line you already have last longer?

There’s an easy way to do that!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to flip your braid so that it’s like new, and so that you can double its lifespan.

When you go fishing, you’re really only using a fraction of the line that’s on your reel.

The top half is getting beaten up and doing all the work, while the half closest to the spool is largely unused and like new.

And when the top half starts to get a little bit frayed, or even just faded in color, you might think that you need to get rid of it all and put on a new spool.

However, if you do that, you’re wasting all of the like-new braid that’s on the inside of the spool.

Watch the video below to see how to make the most of your fishing line by flipping your braid.

How To Save Money On Fishing Line [VIDEO]

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When you flip your braid, the line that was once the outside of the reel is now on the inside, and the line that was on the inside is now on the outside.

The fresh line that’s been protected close to the spool is now ready to finally be deployed and take on some of the heat from the big fish you’re about to catch.

Here’s what you need to do flip your braid:

  • Two empty spools
  • Drill
  • ~2.5″ Bolt
  • 1 nut
  • 2 washers

Here’s how to flip your braid:

  1. Secure one of the spools onto the bolt using washers on each side of the spool and a nut on the bottom side to keep it in place.
  2. Take the cap off of the spool on your reel to remove pressure on your drag system.
  3. Use the drill to spin one of the empty spools and take line off of your reel and onto the spool.
  4. Put the bolt, nut, and washers on the remaining empty spool, put it on the drill, and spin it to put the line on this other spool.
  5. Put the line from the second spool (where the used braid is on top) back onto your reel so that the unused braid is now on top.


save money on fishing line

Flipping your braid will help you get the most out of every spool and save money.

Have you ever flipped your braid?

Have any questions about it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Mike Hargrove
10 months ago

good information. What size backing mono do you like?

Good Citizen
1 year ago

I bought my first braided line and want to put it on a spool with monofilament backing. How do I determine what weight monofilament backing I should use with 30Lb braided line?

2 years ago

Cool tip

Steve Miller
3 years ago

Nice. Saving money is always good. Thanks Tony.

Rudy Avina
3 years ago

Thanks,good info!

Ron Holleyhead
3 years ago

I am a new member and have really enjoyed all the information/tips you guys offer. I have recommended you to several of my fishing buddies and they feel the same- great job and pls. keep it up. I live in Houston, Tx so mainly fish the Texas coast.

Question: I purchased and have been using a 5.5″, “Dartspin Pro” soft bait by Hyperlastics. So far, I have been experimenting w/ the White Ghost/Silver bait & Bunker/Gold bait. Also have the Glass Minnow/Silver but haven’t used it yet. This soft plastic bait is a Patrick Sebile design and seems to be very well engineered and a proven to be durable soft bait. I seem to have most success w/ the White Ghost on Trout & Bunker/Gold on Redfish. Feel both are good for either fish but that is my experience is so far? Main drawback is the lure is expensive compared to other soft plastics on the market. I also use your Salt Strong, “Slam Series” plastics successfully as well from the Insider Club. So my question is: have you guys had any experience using these soft plastics? Your thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated. Thks Ron

3 years ago

Hey Tony! Do you recommend adding braid if needed when flipping the line? If so, please explain and demonstrate the process including recommended knots for braid to braid.

Great tips. Thanks!

3 years ago

Great idea !!!!!

3 years ago

Great tip!

I did something similar, fed the old line onto another reel.

Bruce Hagedorn
3 years ago

What is the purpose of the “backing” line you mention. I have always just tied my braid directly to the spool. Am I doing something wrong?


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