The Best Way To Catch More Scallops (Tips, Gear, & How To Find Them)


It’s time to go scalloping!

Scalloping is like a huge adult scavenger hunt.

And it’s a great activity for the kiddos!

While it’s pretty simple to catch scallops, you do need to have the right gear and you know where to go find them.

So in this video, you’ll learn some basic scalloping tips along with the gear you’ll need to get started.

Check out the video below!

How To Catch Scallops [VIDEO]

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Gear You Need For Scalloping

First, you’ll need to get a good mask and snorkel.

Try to get a mask with a black rim so that it blocks out light and you can focus on seeing the scallops.

You don’t need huge, professional fins but I would definitely suggest fins!

The most important factor with fins is that they fit you correctly.

And if you don’t snorkel much, they will tear up your feet.

So you can wear a pair of ankle socks to avoid blisters.

Don’t go scalloping without a mesh bag to hold the scallops when you catch them.

How To Find Scallops

Go to the local dive shops and ask questions about where they are being caught to give you a general area.

Then leave a little later in the morning and look for the boats on the horizon.

That’s where the scallops are!

Happy hunting!

How To Catch Scallops

You’ll dive down to pick up the scallops.

Occasionally they’ll try to swim away but they don’t swim fast!

When you need to get a breath, float up and scan the bottom for your next spot.

Typically scallops are not very deep so you should be able to pick up multiple scallops on one dive!


how to catch scallops

Scalloping is a TON of fun.

And SO deliciously rewarding!

But you must know where to find scallops, how to catch them, and what gear you’ll need if you want to be successful.

Have other tips for scalloping you’d like to share?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who is excited to go scalloping, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Mary E Forgey
1 year ago

Please everyone be aware the ideal speed has change this yr in Hommasassa before you get to the springs it’s now all ideal speed Everyone have fun and be safe out there

Rich Flerra
2 years ago

Now you need to show how to clean them. :>)

John Ellis
2 years ago

Love the Cressi rash guard. Can you put a link to the one you like?

John Mautz
2 years ago

Make sure to have a legal dive flag and stay within the recommended distance from the boat.

Jeff Rogers
2 years ago

Hey Luke

I just watched your video on scalloping. Do you shave off your mustache so water doesn’t get into your mask? Just wondering

David Hair
2 years ago

One more tip they shared with us on the boat. If you are going to freeze them for future meals, put a portion size in a small baggie with some water.

David Hair
2 years ago

Glad you were finally able to get back there after your last trip got canceled. Did you just go for a day trip again? Looks like you limited out. Good year this year!

Any problems with Jellyfish like I had on my trip? They can wear you out trying to dodge them.

The biggest tip I found is try not to expend a lot of energy moving around, you can tire easily.

Last edited 2 years ago by David Hair
Rex Russo
2 years ago

Sounds like “a bushel” of fun! Reminds me of clam digging in Rhode Island back bays as a kid.

Capt. Ray Markham
2 years ago

Luke, two important things you didn’t mention… you MUST have a diver down flat with a stiffener in it and a fishing license. Also, please discuss limits for scallops, both individual and boat limits. FWC is checking for all of these things. Thanks.

2 years ago

Any scallops around the Bradenton area

Capt. Ray Markham
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

There may be some but it’s illegal to harvest them there. The following link should be able to tell you where and when you can go scalloping.


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