Easy To Use Shrimp Lure For Big Redfish In Shallow Water


This lesson will show you how to effectively use a shrimp lure for big redfish in shallow water.

As you’ll see in the video below, the key is to be using a shrimp lure that is weedless so that you can go over bottom structure like seagrass, oysters, rocks, shells, etc. without getting snagged.

The lure used in this demonstration is our newly released Power Prawn USA lure rigged on a weighted hook so that it can be super weedless.

Click on the box below to watch the fun video.

How To Use Shrimp Lure In Shallow Water

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Equipment Used


power prawn usa for redfish

Shrimp lures that can be rigged weedless are becoming my favorite lure of all for targeting big fish up in shallow and calm waters. This is because they have great motion in the water without causing too much vibration to spook the fish due to their heightened awareness.

And these newly released Power Prawn USA lures rigged on the Hoss Hooks is quickly becoming my absolute favorite lure for this type of fishing.

Best of all, these lures seem to have a knack for fooling the bigger redfish, snook, and trout that can be very picky when the water is clear during daylight periods.

Make sure to give them a try because we offer a catch more fish or it’s free guarantee on these lures and weighted hooks.

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Josef Gutierrez
6 months ago

Bro i made it thanks for the invite was it 7ft medium moderate?

James Raser
9 months ago

How long of a leader do you need to use? I’ve ordered the prawns and hook kit. Can’t wait.

Steven Rackas
11 months ago

I have two requests Luke.

1) Can you put some of the power prawn USA lures in Gulp! juice containers to see how they hold up? If you are targeting redfish the ability for the lure to suck in scent would help.
2) Can you make the Helix hooks in a 2 size? It would be easier for trout fishing. Obviously this would take time but I think this would be easier to attach Slam Shadys to.

Joseph Cande
1 year ago

got my personal best red today 3rd cast on power prawn USA..!!!!!

Gary Jarrett
1 year ago

Just received my Power Prawn USA lures. Can’t wait to give them a try!

Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

have you done better with the slam shady or natural color?

Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

this new lure looks good. You must have thousands of old lures.

Oliver Clarke
1 year ago


Dan Timmons
1 year ago

Just ordered the power pron for the first time. I’ve been using the Shady EZ shrimp. Look forward to trying and comparing these. Great video and instruction.

Strayed Cat
1 year ago

Awesome Luke, this is the best in/on the water video & audio ever! Always enjoy your concise demonstrations and tips.


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