3 Steps To Stop Fishing Dead Zones In Winter


Stop fishing dead zones in winter!!!

Contrary to popular belief, winter is an EXCELLENT time of year to hit the water and get tight lines.

Learn how you can put yourself in a position to catch schooling redfish and gator trout this winter in the video below!!

Stop Fishing Dead Zones In Winter [VIDEO]

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Winter does present some great opportunities to target big fish, however, you’ve got to be sure you’re picking the right spots to fish.

The 90/10 rule is in FULL effect during the wintertime.

That is when 90% of the feeding fish are in 10% of the water.

So it’s critical to avoid those dead zones and pinpoint exactly where the fish are.

Wind changes, lower tides, and cold temperatures force fish into specific zones.

The features highlighted below are what you should look for in a wintertime fishing spot.

1. Wind

Wind is absolutely key in the wintertime.

As the wind blows over the surface of the water, it cools the water beneath it so you need to choose spots that are wind-protected.

What we tend to notice is we experience North and Northeast winds most often in the wintertime when a cold front comes through.

This helps us find out where the fish are going to hold.

These principles also hold true from Texas to Louisiana and around Florida through the Carolinas.

Another thing to make note of is how the fish are feeding on the bait presented to them.

Bait in these areas will get pushed out of creeks by the wind.

Furthermore, this is why we also tend to see lots of low tides in the winter because all that water is getting pushed out.

So you generally end up fishing in water that is 1-2 feet lower than other times of the year.

2. Depth Changes

If you aren’t an Insider Member yet, I highly recommend joining the Club so you can gain access to Smart Fishing Spots.

It is our All-In-One Fishing App designed to help you plan and document everything about your fishing trips.

The features within this app are incredibly useful, especially during the wintertime.

The Marine Chart helps you see what the depths are in any area.

I particularly like to look for big flats near intracoastal channels that are wind protected and at the ideal depth.

You want to find an area that drops off at a minimum of 5-10 feet.

These deeper zones provide escapes for predatory fish when the temperature decreases.

Fish like redfish want to hunt in the shallowest water they can find.

So they will get up into as low as 1 foot of water if possible but they need deeper water to retreat to when colder temperatures roll through.

Then the fish can hunker down in stable temperatures until it warms again.

You want to find areas that fish can hunt in during the warmer parts of winter but also in close proximity to areas where they can hold during the cooler parts of the winter.

3. Oyster Bars

Oyster bars act almost as space heaters for fish in the wintertime.

They also indicate a great spot to fish really during any time of the year.

There is warmth, the presence of bait, and odds are depth changes close by.

Oysters mostly pop up in areas with good current flow.

Using Smart Fishing Spots, you can see ALL of the oyster bars in any area.

All you have to do is click the “Oyster Bars” button and they’ll pop up in green or grey depending on your region.

As you can see in the video, at the outflow points of each creek and river there are clusters of oyster bars.

When it comes to fishing after a strong cold front, the trends should shift a bit warmer.

The fish will want to push up shallow but still have the comfort of retreating to an oyster bar.

As I mentioned before, the oyster bars act as space heaters during a warming trend because the sun is beating down on them all day and the oysters absorb the heat from the sunlight.

The hard structure holds heat and provides shelter for fish to cling close to.

Bait will also congregate around these oyster bars as well to stay as warm as possible.


We’re looking for several factors of warmth where fish can stage to hunt, have quick and easy access to meals, and find comfort in preservation mode.

North winds, depth changes, and oyster bars are going to be the three major components of quality wintertime fishing spots.

No more fishing in those dead zones.

Smart Fishing Spots makes it that much easier and faster to find and catch more fish this winter!!

What questions do you have about finding good fishing spots in the winter?

Let me know if you enjoyed this video down in the comments!!

Finding The Fish Help

In order to help make sure that you are targeting the right areas based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather forecasts, make sure to use the following 3 resources because they will save you a ton of time.

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Spencer Manning
2 months ago

I would like to see more information to populate when looking inshore in the Virginia Beach areas, and not just the inlets. Oyster bars are in various ares yet smart spots doesn’t show a great deal of them like was shown in this video. Please have the app work for VA as it does for the florida and texas areas.

Spencer Manning
2 months ago

Great video on winter spots to key on.

Brian Pauley
2 months ago

Great info, will really help in the Ozello area with all the oyster bars

David Hettenhouser
2 months ago

Good information on winter fishing Wyatt

Harry Ray
2 months ago

Spot on Wyatt!!! My first winter as an Insider fisherman. I have had hit and miss trips during cold weather. Going to take advantage with Smart Spots!!!

William Clifford
2 months ago

Good info Wyatt. Thanks for the tips.

Steven Free
2 months ago

Wyatt you seem to have forgotten something?!! Don’t forget MUDDY BOTTOM areas these areas in corilation to oyster bars is key if the oyster bars or mounds are located around sandy bottom they won’t be nearly as effective as if they were in dark muddy bottom areas because like the oysters the dark bottom absorbs the heat from the sun as well helping the oysters retain it and if you get an incoming tide say around 1 to 2pm that’s awesome because the rising water will be warmed as it comes into contact with the dark bottom and oyster mounds that are in the water oysters are great heaters you are right but only if they are in dark muddy areas that will absorb the heat as well thanks for the info and all you do👍😉

Mark R. Johnson
2 months ago

Another area to target during the winter months are warm water discharges. https://coastalanglermag.com/warm-water-fishing/

Justin Ritchey
2 months ago

WOW! You’re so right, dude. Finding those sweet spots in the Winter Months is extremely important!

Brett Harris
2 months ago

Great tips Wyatt, thanks for taking the time to point us in the right direction, as these cold fronts start to push through!


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