How To STOP Losing Flounder At The Boat (4 Tips)


“This might be my new personal best flounder!”

Have you ever said that, only to lose it a few seconds later?

It’s heartbreaking!

Out of all the inshore species, it seems like flounder are the true Houdinis that somehow spit the hook right before you get them in the net.

I’ve lost many flounder (as you’ll see in the video coming up) so I know the feeling.

However, I finally got so fed up with losing flounder that I really started studying how to NOT lose them.

There are four main things that people can do to stop losing flounder and in the video below, I’ll show you exactly what those tips are.

How To STOP Losing Flounder [VIDEO]

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Tip #1: Keep the line tight and set the hook immediately

Some people say you should wait a few seconds to set the hook with flounder, but that’s not true!

These are aggressive fish that hit their prey hard, so you don’t need to wait to set the hook.

But before you set the hook, there is one thing you should do — take the slack out of the line.

By reeling in the slack before you set the hook, you’ll be sure to get the best possible hook set, and having a good hook set will help land fish even if you don’t execute the other tips well.

Tip #2: Don’t pull the flounder’s head out of the water until it’s in the net

When flounders breach the surface, they shake their heads violently, which will increase the chances they spit the hook.

Of course, they’ll often shake their heads even under the water, but the drag from the water will make them move slower, so they’re less likely to spit the hook under the surface.

If you see that your fish is about to come up to the surface, give it some more slack and let him dive back down.

Tip #3: Scoop the net under the flounder

Flounders are very net shy, so if they see a net, they’ll start to go nuts and are likely to spit the hook.

Because of this, you never want to lead the flounder into a net, like you can do with other species.

Instead, when the flounder is by the boat, scoop the net under them and land them that way.

A flounder’s instinct is to dive down and if you have the net below them, you’ll be good to go.

Tip #4: Hold them the right way

Even after you’ve landed the flounder, it doesn’t mean the danger of them getting away is over!

The term “floundering around” is based on truth because these slippery fish are masters at leaping out of the boat or kayak.

To stop that from happening though, hold them by the tail and in the pocket by their pectoral fin (see picture below).


doormat flounder

Flounder might be the best at spitting the hook or getting away at the last minute, but if you follow the tips in this video, you’ll have a better shot at landing them, taking a picture, and releasing them into the water (or the cooler).

Have any questions about landing flounder?

Or have any other tips that I missed?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who’s sick of losing flounder at the boat, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Rich Edmonds
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt! How you described setting the hook really made a lot of things finally come together for me, much appreciated.

James Barbee
1 year ago

While I enjoy all the video’s, I particularly enjoy your Carolina ones. My dream is to run into you inside one of the marshy channels in the skinny water. It’s Jan heading into Feb now. Have you seen any pockets in the backwater lately holding fish?. Keep the videos coming Wyatt. (My first grandson will be 1 on Feb 1st. Now I know at least four or five Wyatt’s)

George Pappas
1 year ago

very helpful videos wyatt, thank you son much

Steven Free
1 year ago

While I believe in what you say and don’t do it either the reason some guys wait before setting the hook on flounder is because most people that are pursuing flounder and not catching them by mistake after fishing for something else is because these people are mostly using live bait like finger Mullet and mudminnows that being said the flounder will take the live bait in its mouth and before swallowing will turn the bait around in its mouth thus before accomplishing this a pause is needed before setting the hook but not so with lures while I have been with a few guys that use live bait I never do and usually outfish them 2 to 1 with my spinnerbait and while they are waiting for a flounder to come along by sitting in one spot I usually have found them already with the spinnerbait working grass pockets and around oysters and pitched under docks works for me thanks for the video and all you do😁

1 year ago

great tips

Michael Crotts
1 year ago

Great advise. Thank you.

1 year ago

Great video Wyatt, learned some good tips (I’ve lost flounder all four ways you discussed).

Roger Beck
1 year ago

Excellent points, easy to remember, thank you!

Scott Rispaud
1 year ago

Another great video from Wyatt! Good pointers my friend. I caught one a month ago from my L2 Fish paddleboard and I just slid him on the deck. Ha, once he was there, he flew around like a bucking bronco! Fortunately, I was able to throw a shirt over him and game over. I need to take a net on the board, I always have one on the yak. Just tryin to keep it simple but it’s a net from now on!

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great video Wyatt!


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