How To Tie The Strongest Braid To Braid Fishing Knot [Video]


It’s knot time again!

And this time we’re covering a new type of connection… we’ll be tying a braided line to another braided line.

After getting a lot of great feedback from the braid to fluorocarbon leader knot contest, I started getting a good amount of questions from anglers wondering how to best connect two braided lines together.

Why Tie A Braid To Another Braid?

The most common use for a braid to braid knot is to splice a braid backing to the top ~100+ yards of braid in order to save money and time when re-spooling (allows for the untouched backing to stay on the spool while applying a fresh top section).

Given the multiple requests for this knot, I decided to do some testing and found that the knot shown below generates the highest breaking strength.

How To Tie A Braid To Braid Fishing Knot

After testing some of the most popular knots (blood, traditional double uni, albright, alberto) to connect a braided line to another braided line, I found that the Modified Double Uni Knot shown in the video below has the highest breaking strength.

This knot is easy to tie, it is very small once complete, and it’s hold strength has been testing just as strong as connecting to a swivel or a leader, so there isn’t much (if any) loss of strength to the overall system due to the splicing of the braid.

Here is a video showing exactly how to tie this impressive knot:

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Note: This knot is the popular Double Uni Knot for line to line connections with just a slight adjustment in doing 10 wraps on each side vs. the traditional 5 wraps.


Our knots are always the weakest points of the line system, so it’s on us to ensure we’re using the strongest options for all types of connections so that the biggest fish of the day doesn’t get away.

And when in need of connecting a braided line to another braid, then this Modified Double Unit Knot for Braid is a fantastic option.

It’s easy to tie, has a thin profile, and it’s breaking strength has been the best I’ve tested for this connection so far.

If you have any braid to braid knots that you’d like me to test it against, please do not hesitate to let me know using the comment section below.

Tight lines and strong knots!

Go To Our Knot Testing Homepage [Full Knot Rankings]


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Paul Joseph
2 months ago

5 wraps don’t slip and make a smaller knot. I leave one inch tags for slip safety anyway. I fish 80 lb test braid for deep line. Double uni is stronger than blood knot by quite a lot, I used to use blood knots but had too many failures.

1 year ago

I have a 10” rod with a reel rated for 575 yards if braid but the shop misread it and spooled it with 300 yards only. I just fish from ocean docks and bridges. Is 300 yds too short to where I could end up hooking a fish that I need to allow to drag line and not have enough? Should I get an extra 300 yds spliced onto the first 300 yds?

Ryan Stoddard
1 year ago

Just came back to this one. A great post as I think many can benefit from backing their braid.

I previously had been using Albrights, but have re-tied them all.

I started backing all my reels so that I only need to change the top 150 yards on both my inshore spinning reels and my offshore jigging reels. Now every year I can buy one spool (300 yards) for each reel size and re-fill both reels in each class with half of the 300 yard spool if needed.

Its also great if you have a disaster while out on the boat and have to make an emergency line change.

For my offshore reels, I started using an old star drag reel to reel the line off of the factory line spool and then put that in a vice and then wind on the braid back off of that reel under about half of my max drag setting so it goes on nice and compact. I can’t put the drag on the factory line spools without it digging in.

Frank Vetter
1 year ago

I’ve used this knot 100s of times and it always holds up- thanks for sharing with everyone so they can use it.

daniel southward
2 years ago

Awesome thanku much

3 years ago

I have tried this 100 times. Every time it has snapped the line after checking when I pull the braided lines away from each other to check the knot. WTF?!

Steve Linkhart
3 years ago

Have you tried an fg knot for braid to braid it seems to work I use about 30 wraps,it makes a small knot and it doesn’t hang up on the line spooling of the reel maybe you could test it

3 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Your not doing it right. The tighter you pull, the tighter the knot gets. I just did braid to braid test and literally could not pull it apart or break the line with all my might.

Max McRae
4 years ago

What would happen if you did the same process with two line thicknesses instead of one?

4 years ago


4 years ago

thanks for knot luke .have you actually caught a fish with this knot under real world pressure outside of spool if so up to what size. cheers


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