How This Man Made Millions While Living On $105 Social Security Checks


Imagine this is your life story…

At six years old, your father dies…

At age twelve, you are forced to drop out of school to get a job on a farm so that you can help support your mom and siblings…

At sixteen, you fake your age to get enlisted in the United States Army so you can get away…

After a year, you are honorably discharged…

A year later, you find a low-paying job on the railway as a laborer.

Shortly after, you are fired for fighting with a coworker.

You continue the path of getting fired and laid off for more than a decade.

You eventually start a lamp manufacturing company only to find out that another company already sold a better version of his lamp.

Four years later, you invest in a motel that burned to the ground along with your one restaurant.

Finally, you’re at the age to start receiving Social Security and discover that it’s only $105 per month… not exactly enough to live on.

This forces you back into looking for a job and you are rejected 1,009 times before anyone accepts your idea…

This doesn’t sound like a dream life, does it?

In fact, society would probably try to convince you that you’re too old, not smart enough, and not even skill to make anything big happen past age 65 if this was your past.

But GOD had a different plan for this man.

And GOD has BIG plans for you.

Enjoy this episode and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How This Man Made Millions While Living On $105 Social Security Checks [PODCAST]


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Jim Woods
2 months ago

Wonderful Podcast…needed to hear this at this point in my life…facing issues that may be determine my walking away from 29 years with the same company. I have a dream and desire that I have had for most of my life…Maybe God is speaking to me that the time is right for that change…Not told 1,009 times NO but I have been told by family and friends that it isn’t feasible to make this change!
Funny thing is my wife for years did not support my dream – in the last several months she has done a complete 180 and now is pushing toward it.
Never say Gods timing isn’t perfect!
Thanks again Joe and keep following HIS path and putting out these wonderful and inspirational podcasts.
Jim Woods


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