The GPS Coordinates For Every Artificial Reef In Virginia

By: Joe Simonds on November 12, 2018
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Virginia Artificial Reef Striper

Looking for more fishing spots in Virginia?

Virginia has one of the most unique artificial reef programs in the country.

The management of this program makes accessing these artificial reefs very easy for recreational anglers.

These reefs also offer a multitude of different inshore and offshore fish species to target — including redfish, trout, striper, cobia, sheepshead, kingfish and more.

You can find all the information you need to access these reefs online — including the GPS Coordinates to each reef.

This post shows you where to go to find Virginia artificial reef GPS Coordinates and more info about the Virginia Artificial Reef Program.

The Virginia Artificial Reef Program

Virginia Artificial Reef Cobia

The Virginia Artificial Reef Program’s goal is “to replicate a fish habitat close to that which occurs naturally,” according to Virginia Marine Resources Commission. The VA Marine Resources Commission manages the artificial reef program.

Virginia’s artificial reef program is unique because the majority of its focus is on inshore reefs.

There are currently 23 artificial reefs in Virginia waters — 18 inshore and five offshore. The vast majority of these reefs are found in the Chesapeake Bay.

You can find all the info for each individual reef — including the description of the reef, the material it’s made out of and more — in the link below.

Click Here To Learn More About The Virginia Artificial Reef Program 

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Locating Virginia Artificial Reefs

Virginia Artificial Reef Flounder

Locating Virginia’s artificial reefs is much easier than it is in other states.

Yellow VMRC buoys are also placed near the center of most Chesapeake Bay artificial reef sites — making them easy to find even if you don’t have the exact GPS Coordinates to the site.

You can also use the Virginia Artificial Reef Map to locate the exact position of each artificial reef structure and their GPS Coordinates.

Click Here To See The Virginia Artificial Reef Map

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Virginia Artificial Reef Trout

The Virginia Artificial Reef Program really does offer some excellent access to inshore and offshore fishing spots alike.

Best of all, the state has made finding and locating these reefs incredibly easy.

Exploring these 23 Virginia artificial reefs is a great way to get on the water and expand your knowledge of the VA fishery.

If you have any questions about this post, let us know in the comments section!

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