If There’s A God, Why Does He Let Bad Things Happen To Good People?

By: Joseph Simonds on November 3, 2019
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why goes god let bad things happen to good people

Why would a good God let so many bad things happen to his people?

If God truly loves his children, why does he let so many of us suffer and experience pain?

And why does God let so many evil people have worldly success why so many of us honest people struggle to get by?

These are some of the hard-hitting questions we heard from people after we published the first Unchurched episode, “Is God Real?” (see it here).

Candidly, I struggled with some of these questions myself for a big chunk of my life (especially when I was in my 14-year battle with severe anxiety attacks and couldn’t understand why God was punishing me…)

So we brought back fellow Salt Strong Insider member Pastor Johnny Kelly of Discover Family Church in Lakeland, Florida to answer these tough questions about God.

Definitely listen until the end (it gets really powerful)

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen [VIDEO]

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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen [PODCAST]?

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And if you live in the Lakeland, Florida area definitely go check out pastor Johnny at Discover Family Church.

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Layton Smith

Thank you for sharing this. I have enjoyed listening/watching these episodes. You have helped me understand some questions I have had myself. Please share more.

Larry Carr

Well done Joe, Luke and Pastor Johnny. I don’t mind the preaching at all. It’s pretty simple, though. Those that don’t like it don’t have to read it

Rob Geib

In an e-mail I recently sent to Luke , I stated that I am not interested in having any religious content mixed in with my fishing education. While I commend Luke on his obvious enthusiasm for Salt Strong and his wonderful approach to teaching us the specialized skills we need, I am disappointed to see religion being introduced. As I have observed over many years on this planet, a little religion is never content with remaining a small, voluntary part of anything. I suspect that some in Salt Strong are planning for the religious content to become an ever-growing part of the group. If and when that becomes obvious, considering that I am only a small member of a large group, I will quietly take my leave.

Lawrence Perrine

If I wanted preaching I would subscribe to a preaching website. I thought I was paying money to be a VIP member to learn more ideas for catching trout and red fish. Not interested in your religious ideas.

David Culver

Amazing power of GOD. Thank you for these messages. Pain and suffrage is a nudge in the right direction. GOD Bless you all. Never forget the suffering Jesus endured on his walk to his own crucifixion. The greatest sacrifice in history that could have ever been made for you and I. Faith Strong my friends.

Robert Muller

Thanks Joe and Pastor John! We lost our 17 year old son in an auto accident nearly 19 years ago. I have been though the multiple seasons of grief many times. We were at the time of the accident and now followers of Jesus. I willingly admit though, that I have always struggled with forgiving God for allowing Nick to die. It was refreshing to hear you talk about God loving and needing Nick more than we did at that time. I have always said there will be a point when I meet Jesus (and Nick again) face to face and all questions will be answered. That is if the questions even matter at that point.

I am retiring on Oak Island, North Carolina is about 6 weeks. I plan to use the Salt Strong Insider Club to help me acquirer the fishing skills I desperately need to enjoy my retirement days on the water and/or on the beach.

Keep up the great work!

Bob Muller

Michael Schulze

Great discussion Luke and Pastor Johnny. Thank you for leaving yourselves valuable and transparent with your stories! Please keep this series going, as I am enjoying it.