Which Daiwa ‘MQ’ Series Reel Is Right For You? (BG or Saltist or Ballistic?)


Which Daiwa ‘MQ’ Series Spinning Reel is right for YOU?

Which one of these three will fit your fishing needs: the BG, Saltist, or Ballistic?

Learn everything about these three inshore spinning reels here!!

Which Daiwa ‘MQ’ Series Reel Is Right For You? [VIDEO]

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Daiwa BG MQ

daiwa BG MQ best premium spinning reel for inshore anglers

The Daiwa BG MQ is the best bang for your buck inshore spinning reel.

As far as sizes are concerned, the 3000 size reels are right on the money for inshore anglers.

In the grand scheme of things, the 3000 is not much bigger than the 2500.

Additionally, the MQ design of the reel creates a compact, aluminum-bodied reel prepared to tackle any inshore fishing scenario.

A major difference in the MQ reels versus other reels from Daiwa is the size of the main gear.

The main gear is nearly 20% larger than other Daiwa spinning reels.

This translates directly to more power and strength within the reel as it feels the stress of a fish on the end of your line.

It is imperative that the main gear along with other moving pieces within the main shaft are perfectly aligned.

And, an aluminum-bodied product solves that by maintaining fluidity within the reel’s main shaft.

Moreover, for a 3000-sized reel, it is very lightweight compared to others of its kind.

Daiwa Ballistic MQ

Ballistic MQ

The Ballistic is a relatively new spinning reel that is slowly being released in small batches due to high demand.

The reel itself is crafted using Daiwa’s composite material called ‘Zaion’.

Zaion allows Daiwa to craft different sized reels using the same strong, carbon-composite material while maintaining a lightweight-bodied reel.

As a result, the Ballistic MQ is extremely lightweight compared to the BG MQ and the Saltist MQ.

Most inshore anglers will go directly for the lightweight reel, however, you should base your reel choice on application and use.

If you plan on working soft plastic lures all day or want to wade fish a flat, the Ballistic MQ is the way to go.

Furthermore, there are additional lightweight features attached to the Ballistic MQ.

The Daiwa BG MQ has a standard-sized rotor along with a single-wire bail.

But, with the Ballistic MQ, there is a lightweight Zaion rotor paired with a lightweight bail.

This does translate to a lighter reel, however, it also creates seamless fluidity when you turn the handle.

The Ballistic MQ is a great upgrade from the BG MQ for anglers looking for something lightweight and powerful.

But, is one reel BETTER than the other?

It depends on fishing scenarios.

If you are fishing docks or heavy structure where you need more power, then you want the reliability of an aluminum-bodied reel like the Daiwa BG MQ rather than using a reel designed out of composite material.

The rigidity and uncompromising strength of aluminum-bodied reels get the job done.

On the other hand, the Ballistic MQ is the ideal reel for fishing open water scenarios.

Before deciding which reel is best for you, you have to take into account the situations you find yourself in as an angler.

Magseal Technology

Magseal has its place in inshore spinning reels to protect the inner workings of reels.

But, it is not the end all be all of inshore spinning reels.

It does a perfect job of creating a barrier to protect the anti-reverse clutch mechanism within the reel.

Daiwa eliminated an exterior switch in front of their reels that controlled the anti-reverse clutch.

This was in an effort to reduce saltwater intrusion and contamination of the main gears.

There is no need to worry about any unwanted saltwater intrusion in the MQ series spinning reels.

If the anti-reverse bearing were to become compromised, you could risk losing fish because the handle will turn backward as you go to set the hook.

Is Magseal a necessary feature to include in MG series reels?

It is definitely nice to have on a reel, but it should not be the determining factor in how a reel performs.

Magseal is no doubt beneficial to wade anglers and those that log lots of hours out on their boats.

Click here to learn more about Daiwa’s Magseal Technology

Reel Drag Capacity

On all the reels discussed in this video, all three have a 22 lb drag capacity.

That is significantly more than what you need out of an inshore spinning reel.

But, if you desire to push the limits on reel drag, go with an aluminum-bodied reel with more rigidity and strength.

Daiwa Saltist MQ

Daiwa Saltist MQ

The Saltist MQ won the award for the best reel in its class at the 2021 iCast event.

For the price range, the Saltist MQ is the balance of everything you’d want in an inshore spinning reel.

In a sense, the Saltist MQ is a hybrid of the BG MQ and the Ballistic MQ.

The Saltist MQ is an aluminum-bodied reel, however, it is crafted using a Zaion rotor and bail.

Daiwa incorporated a Zaion rotor and bail to first and foremost reduce the overall weight of the reel.

But, the BG MQ 3000 and the Saltist MQ 3000 are right around the same weight.

All told, the Zaion-crafted features on the Saltist MQ are to increase overall fluidity of the reel and appeal to anglers’ preferences.

In addition, the Saltist MQ also contains Daiwa’s Magseal technology.

There are NINE total seals in the MQ series spinning reels from Daiwa.

The greatest difference you may notice about the Saltist MQ compared to the other reels featured in this video is the large, round knob on the handle of the Saltist MQ.

Daiwa refers to it as “ARK” which is short for aluminum-round knob.

The round knob gives an angler more control when reeling in.

Smaller handles force you to only use a few fingers to reel but with a round knob, you can use your entire hand to reel.

Which Reel Is Best?

The truth is, there is not one reel that stands above the rest.

You have to find the right reel that fits the applications and needs of the style of fishing you prefer.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments down in the comments section below!!!

➡ Click here to check out the Daiwa BG MQ

➡ Check out the Daiwa Ballistic MQ here

➡ Click here to check out the Daiwa Saltist MQ

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4 months ago

Im looking for a quality upgrade from my bg3000 inshore combo 7” medium rod. Awesome reels but a bit heavy when fishing for flounder all day. Would the ballistic 2500 or 3000 series be better for summer fluke at the jersey shore and what Rod do you recommend for jigging gulp and drifting live bait? Thanks

4 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thank you for the advice. I like the bigger spools on the bg but I’m not exactly sure it’s necessary for this style fishing. I usually fish 2-20 feet of water in back bays and channels. I like to use 20lb power pro braid with 1oz jigs or bucktail teaser high low rigs with a 1oz weight due to currents being stronger in some locations.

5 months ago

BG MQ 3k or Saltist MQ 3k for kayaking for striped bass?

Dereck Wirfel
7 months ago

High guys! I have an 11 1/2 TICA TC3, Med-Heavy Rod for surf fishing. Can you advise me on which SaltistMQ is a best fit for me? Thank you!

AJ Cheung
1 year ago

Excellent comparison Video Justin!

I am actually a Shimano girl.

My very first fishing set up was an ugly stick paired with a Shimano Sahara 1500 rigged for a drop shot. I was at Sports Chalet fishing dept being helped by a very nice, older, daily fisherman, sales associate. That first fish I caught on the drop shot my first time out in Newport Beach Bay was so exciting!

I do have the daiwa Ballistic LT4000 and love it.
This video helped me think differently about selecting a reel. I was always thinking about having the lightest weight reel I could afford. I mainly fish from shore, docks, and smaller bridges here in Southern California.

We all appreciate every quality video you all shoot, edit, and share.

Thanks so much! Stay Safe

Jerry Cauble
1 year ago

I’ve been a penn and stradic reel guy since the 80’s. So after seeing reports on diawa from salt strong I ordered the BG 3000. Two months later I bought another one. 10 Mos later after +or -6 uses the first one had a tight rubbing spot on reeling in so I sent to Diawa in calif. They denied replacement with proof of purchase, said it was abused, sent me pics of a reel that wasn’t mine. Mine still looks new. They wanted $80 to repair so I said return, which I received 2mos later. In the meantime the second reel is doing the same thing. So now I have two BG 3000 I can’t use, and who is to repair them?? Back to PENNs, love the slammer and spinfisher.

Thom Ray
1 year ago

I think you like what you do! Your enthusiasm really comes through. As someone who did Public Speaking for 25 years I know a good one when I see it and “You are good” my friend. Enjoyed it.

Travis Lang
1 year ago

Any plan to add the larger size Saltist or BG MQs (8-10000) to the store? Keeping an eye for restock of 6000 BG MQ.

Travis Lang
1 year ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the quick feedback!

Jack Chiles
1 year ago

I also plan to use the Ballistic in fresh water, while backpacking and using it with 10-lb braid with 6′ of flourocarbon leader for ultra-clear fresh water. As a backpacker, we all know every ounce counts and this reel, in the 1000 class, meets all of the requirements I need (I also purchased a 2500D-XH. Why, I’m not too sure).

Lara Delorenzo-Sims
1 year ago

Thank you for the informative video. I recently tried out a BG MQ3000 paired with a Toadfish medium travel rod. That combo, with 10 lb powerpro ss, performed superbly on big snook, small sharks, and a 10 lb Jack. I highly recommend that combo for anyone that flies and takes their own gear on the plane. I did buy a Gomexus power knob to put on the reel, but it didn’t fit perfectly, as it was meant to, so I kept the stock handle on the BG MQ. I think the Saltist will be added to my arsenal, at some point, because of the handle. Have you guys experimented with aftermarket power knobs for these reels?

Brian Hoffstetter
1 year ago

Since the Diawa Ballistics have come out I’m no longer Shimano man. They’ve been great for years, maybe one day when one of them quits functioning I’ll step up to the new MQ model.


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