This Is How To Throw A 12-Foot Cast Net Without Using Your Mouth


Want to know the easiest way to throw a perfect 12-foot cast net pancake?

Then you came to the right place.

I think you are going to love the cast net video below.

For many anglers, throwing a 12-foot cast net can be a real struggle.

So I put the detailed cast net tutorial below to explain the essential steps to quickly mastering the art of throwing a big cast net.

Best of all, the video in this post shows you how to effectively fix any problem areas in your throw if you’re not getting perfect circles (aka – pancakes).

Here are the 3 core topics that we’ll address in detail:

1. How Properly Load A 12-ft Cast Net

Screenshot from video showing the final hold points after loading the net for a cast.

2. How To Throw A 12-ft Cast Net

how to cast a 12 ft cast net
Screenshot from video showing the proper casting motion in action.

3. How To Fix Problem Casts From Happening Again

how to throw a 12 ft cast net
Screenshot of me explaining where the marked spots in the load of the net end up when cast (significantly helps fix any mistakes)

The load and casting motion of the net are both of course essential.

But just as importantly (if not more), we’ll dive into the science of fixing problem casts so they don’t happen again.

Because for most weekend warriors, the exact load specifics and muscle memory of the precise timing of the cast gets lost over time.

So I’ll show how to know take the proper corrective action if the net doesn’t fully open.

How To Throw A 12-Foot Cast Net [VIDEO]

Although throwing 12-foot cast nets can be tough to learn, the great news is that it becomes quite easy to repeat once you get the proper foundation and timing set.

And using a big net like this can certainly make for a quick loading of the live well with lots of great bait.

The video below shows it all in detail to ensure a quality cast every time:

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Steps For Throwing A 12-Foot Cast Net

Here is a list of the detailed steps to perform in order to ensure a quality cast every time:

  1. Clear the net
  2. Gather the rope
  3. Coil the net
  4. Set back hand hold
  5. Split into 2 sections
  6. Pick up and use elbow to hold the split
  7. Throw lead line over shoulder
  8. Set front hand hold points
  9. Balance out the hold (front & back)
  10. Load the throw in backswing
  11. Swing net forward while twisting body towards target
  12. Release the net while holding pinky section a second longer

Click here to request a FREE Cast Net PDF Guide that shows these essential steps with images so that you can have it on hand in case you ever need it.

What Cast Net Brand Is Shown In This Video?

The cast net shown in this video is from Barracuda Tackle. They are based out of St. Petersburg, FL and make high-quality cast nets.

They are the only cast net company that I know of who offers a guarantee to any of their customers who somehow rip their nets (50% off a brand new net to replace the one that got damaged).


Throwing a 12-foot cast net is not nearly as difficult as most people think.

All you have to do is learn the proper hold and throwing technique along with knowing how to effectively fix problem areas if (or I should say when) they occur.

Best of all, once you get it dialed in, you’ll be able to have a good cast whenever it’s needed (even after 3+ years of throwing 12 ft net like I had when filming this video).

Do you have any other cast net tips or questions on getting a cast net pancake?

Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for your time reading this post!

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P.S. – Please be sure to share this with your family and friends who love fishing.

Fish On!

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Ron Whetstone
6 years ago

Hey Luke I know you say it is a Barracuda net but I was wondering which net is it? They have 3 styles Inshore, Pro, and custom. Thank you and keep up the great work.
Thanks Ron

6 years ago
Reply to  Ron Whetstone

You can see it on the bucket, it’s a Custom model 1.6 Pound per Feet.

Ron Whetstone
6 years ago
Reply to  Homero

LOL. Thx

Capt Cowboy
6 years ago

Howdy Luke… Super Video & Super presentation. As always you explain things to understand. Keep up your excellent efforts. I look forward to hearing more soon.

Matt Price
6 years ago

nice instructions. you need to get with lunkerdog and get him to teach how to throw it with one hand and not draping the net over your shoulder getting all wet after one throw

6 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

You are right Luke, I don’t know anybody that can throw such a big net with the one hand method. Why kill yourself when the triple load is that effective and easy on your body?
Great video!


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