Catching Snook With This New Inline Gold Spinnerbait [VIDEO]


I’ve got to admit, even as much as I know catching consistent fish is all about finding the fish, I’m still always on the lookout for new baits that work…

I think it’s just ingrained into us as fishermen to always be testing and looking for new lures…

It must be in our DNA to always hope we can find that “magical lure” that will give us an advantage over everyone else.

And although I was pretty pumped to catch a nice snook on this new inline gold spinner bait, I also know it was mostly about where I was fishing…

It’s kind of like that one video I posted where I caught four different inshore species in one afternoon using all different types of lures… (you can see the video here)

I was in the feeding zone!

Either way, check out a quick highlight footage from one of my recent Insider fishing reports and let me know if you’ve had any luck with these inline spinner baits.


Note: the spinnerbait I was using here is made my Terminator.

Inline Gold Spinnerbait Snook Video

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5 years ago

Did you keep the snook

Steven Free
5 years ago

Great video Tony the only problem being no body here in the Jax st Augustine area seems to sell the terminator in-line spinnerbait I do have other in lines but the terminator like its name implies is very tough and although I don’t fish for snook very much I do fish for reds and flounder a lot and a big red as I’m sure you know is a destroyer of tackle that can’t handle big fish and isn’t up to par anyway I had to order them from cabelas which is sad because in this area we had a cabelas store for a few years but I found out that about a year ago it closed so i had to order them from there online store should be getting them on the 21st of nov i want to try them for reds in the grass because like i believe you said in lines are more weedless then regular safety pin style anyways thanks for the video and info????

Jim Wright
5 years ago

Tony, what is the size/weight of the bait and is that the “stock” soft tail that you were using in the video? Thanks.

Steven Free
5 years ago

Wow Tony nice snook here in northeast Florida we don’t get a lot of snook probably because snook need water temps in at least lower 70s to survive they can’t take water below 70 degrees but occasionally here people do catch them on occasion I guess i could say that’s a fish bucket list of fish to catch and as far as the inline spinnerbait yea I got a few but I don’t think any are terminators I do have terminators in the safety pin style but not the inline I just seldom use them but maybe I will more because you are right they do seem to be more seedless then the safety pin style great report now as far as my report from guana yesterday wasn’t great but not bad either 2 very small rat reds about 12 to 14 inches one on a yozuri banana boat topwater I downsized from the skitter v because of the cold mornings we have been having a small non legal trout as well and about 4 ladyfish all pretty small one of the reds was on a natural colored gulp shrimp on a popping cork i shortened the leader to about 2 feet and i like the shrimp on a circle hook I know you say you only use them with live bait but to me a jighead doesn’t give the shrimp as natural appearance as a circle hook but like anything what works for you is what matters thanks for the tip your advice is always valued to me????

jerry tansky
5 years ago

Tony I don’t have any volume until the 40 second point. When you go out on the water, the music is clear, but when you go to your truck again no volume. Other video’s seem to work fine. LOL never mind it’s working fine now, must have been me. Sorry


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